anybody using Novation automap 4?

I installed automap 4 (upgrade from 3.7) on my PC last night. I can not get my remote Sl zero to work with C5.5 or Reason
but it works with C6 (30 day demo version)

except I had to manually map the controls using the editing software. The interface is very easy to use but very tedious to map the controlers to all the parameters. Not exactly an “auto” map situation. In early versions it was always automatic mapping, and although I did not like the way some controls got mapped it is way worse to have to map everything.

I mean NOTHING was mapped I had to map the sliders to the mixer etc. (transport was the only think that worked out of the box with out maping) this seems kind of pointless as if your project is bigger than two tracks you could spend hours configuring the controller and avoiding that was supposed to be the whole point of using automap.

Suggestions ?- other experiences?

I have the same problem but with Cubase 6.05. Did you find a solution?

A certain person I know who signed an oath of secrecy to not divulge what he learned as a Automap beta tester told me the following.

After he installed it and started having program freezes and noticed that the new ‘drop down menu’ of parameter precluded being able to scale/ resize the GUI … and the text/ font on the maps was so small on his hi resolution screen that he couldn’t even read the labels, he then immediately uninstalled, reinstalled his last 3.xx something version and quit participating in the beta testing.

He did emphatically tell Novation that not only was this a huge step in the wrong direction, but that none of the frequently requested features … like insert page, copy and paste page, copy/ paste selected subset of page and provide a ‘go to page’ feature … were included.

Needlesss to say, I ain’t going there.


I was finally able to get the mixer map working, after spending two hours trying different things (that’s excluding all the time I spent in the past two months, by the way).

I removed the software again, any settings in Cubase (including the Novation Automap device), every SL MkII related stuff I could find in the registry. I also deleted any Novation/FocusRite folder I could find.

After reinstallation of 4.2b2 I noticed that it still loaded my custom mixer map. Here’s the thing; I mapped insert instrument track and edit instrument to unused mixer buttons in order to have easily accessible shortcuts. Then I clicked set default in Automap.

I removed Automap again (same steps as before, registry and all), but this time I searched the entire drive for *.automap and deleted everything I could find.

After reinstallation - what do you know - every new track was auto mapped. It did not load the old custom map anymore.

I’ve been trying various things, and I believe I’ve either stumbled upon a bug or something the programmers didn’t think of, or I have a broken DAW.

Now if anyone else can please try this:
Load Cubase and add a new track, and this new track should be auto mapped.
Save this map (do NOT set as default!), hit revert and then load the map you just saved.

The tracks you already have should be working as normal, but any new track you create will not be auto mapped.
If you hit revert, everything should work as before.

You can even save an unassigned map, if you open that map and insert a track, it still shouldn’t auto map anything to the controller.

Can anyone else confirm this?