Anybody Using Rapture Pro Under Cubase Here?

If you run Rapture Pro (latest maintenance release) under Cubase 7.5 or later, I’d be most grateful if you’d be willing to test something - it will take very little time, I promise. I am finding that certain modulations do not work when running Rapture Pro under Cubase, but work otherwise. The Cakewalk engineer says he cannot duplicate the behavior. I’d love to find out if anyone else can demonstrate the problem.

If you’d be willing to spend five minutes trying something, please so indicate and I’ll provide the details. Thanks.

It would help if you would tell us which modulations aren’t working :wink: (and, if using a Factory preset, which one, for example)

I didn’t want to bother unless somebody volunteered to test. The issue is with key follow modulation (other than pitch). It works in imported patches not created under Cubase. It does not work when running Rapture Pro under Cubase and specifying key follow modulation there. Pan is the easiest way to demo the problem behavior - at least on my system. That’s why I hope to see if others can duplicate what I see on my system.

(I surprised myself :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I can in fact confirm!
Here on Mac, it only installs VST3 (no VST2) and AU. So I set up a very simple patch (from Cubase), with keyTracking set to cutuff frequency, and it didn’t work, but I saved the preset nonetheless. I then quit Cubase, launched Logic Pro X 10, loaded Rapture Pro into it, and loaded my recently-saved test preset… it worked immediately!

Mmmm … I don’t have Rapture, but I seem to remember that when QuickControls were introduced, people began to see this strange quirks. Is it possible that you have a controller assigned to a QuickControl? If that’s the case, it won’t be sent from the track, or something like that, I can’t remember exactly, but e.g. automation of that controller would no longer work. Sorry, not much help perhaps, but perhaps a clue.

The problem is stranger than that :wink:… no external controllers are involved here (other than the received note-on data)… the problem is internal to Rapture Pro itself (there is a parameter to use keytracking as a modulation source, but, in Cubase, it is having no effect. As I wrote earlier, I saved a preset that had this parameter set up (to control filter cut-off according to incoming note value)… even though it didn’t actually work. I later loaded Rapture Pro into Logic Pro X (hmmmm… everything is “pro” nowadays… I’m even writing this on a Mac Pro :wink: ), loaded that same preset into it, and the key tracking worked perfectly there.
Quite baffling :confused: :slight_smile:

Btw, what you are referring to, is MIDI CC#s being “swallowed up” by Quick Controls, and not arriving as input to the MIDI/Instrument track in the Project window :wink:.

That’s the one … thanks for reminding me. Yes, the Rapture issue is indeed strange. dmbaer, do you know if the issue happens in Cubase versions earlier than 7.5?

(OT: as they say, anything that needs to have “pro” in the name, probably isn’t … but then, aren’t we all “pros” now? :slight_smile:)

I do not know because I have only 7.5 and 8 installed (I have yet to pick up 8.5).

A Cakewalk engineer suggested a workaround that I have yet to test: specify the modulation in the modulation matrix - I suspect this will in fact work.

I did notice one thing that’s probably related. Bring up a clean, minimal patch and adjust almost any parameter. Do a close and you get challenged with a “do you want to save?”. Adjust only the key-follow curve and close - it closes immediately with no challenge.

Thanks much to you for confirming this problem is not only not-just-me but also not-just-PC.

… an interesting info update…
So, yesterday I saved a preset (with keytracking applied to cutoff frequency), although it was not working in Cubase, and I later loaded that same preset into Logic Pro, where it worked…
… well…
I have just reloaded that preset in Cubase… and it works! (i.e. the tracking setting is active)… but… if I try to change the tracking setting, that still has no effect.
(and, yes, it does work from the modulation matrix :wink: )

Thanks, Vic. I will pass this info on to the Cakewalk engineer looking at the issue.