Anymix as plugin: output selection

Hello folks,
What is the purpose of being able to select different options on the output section within Anymix?

Im reading the plugin manual on the Anymix plugin. I don´t have a 5.1 monitoring system to test this, but I want to understand how it works.

If I insert Anymix as a plugin, the in and out sections become available (top left). To me, this means that I can use Anymix as a downmix converter.

For example:

  1. Create 5.1 output bus
  2. Create audio track in 6.0 music format
  3. Insert Anymix on this track
  4. In Anymix, go to the “out” dropdown and select 5.1

Does this effectively convert the info on the 6.0 track to 5.1 outputs?

According to the manual, the answer is NO. The “channel order” section in “Nuendo plugin reference manual” says that: “Choosing an output configuration that differs from the current track layout will result in channel oddities”

So,having said that, my question becomes more clear…

What is the purpose of being able to select different options on the output section within Anymix?

I think that reading the manual is a good starting point for you.

Sorry to say this but so many answers to your questions are easily a found with a just little own work with google.

Hello Tumppi,
I´m not asking about downmixing in Nuendo. I know how that works. I´m asking about the real world aplications of the in/out dropdowns in Anymix.

I have read Nuendo´s manual, but its a little confusing because Anymix has its own user manual, but it doe’snt offer much detail, on the real world applications of this in/out dropdowns.

I do search manuals, google, and this forum before posting, but I rather a direct answer from someone with experience with the tool regarding the specific function I´m having trouble with.

RTFM is the most generic, unhelpful answer you can give when questions are as specific as the original post, and the manual doesnt really offer details on how to use the functions. Nuendo´s manual is very WHAT oriented. It answers “what does it do”, with information like: “The input dropdown lets you select the input format” … duh yeah. I can tell that far by looking at it. What I want to know is: When to use it, when not to use it, how does work in different circumstances, what precautions should we have when using it.

You can use anymix to upmix and downmix stuff. Simple as that.
It means changing the number of outputted tracks and where they are routed.
I’ ve never encountered any “oddities” going up or down.
IMO up or downmixing is very basic operation. You get new channels or you loose some channels. How well it works depends on the material and what settings you have in anymix.

I see, well thanks for the info. As I don´t have a surround speaker setup I can´t but trust the manual.
Thanks again.