Anymix pro crashes n12 every single time

Like the title says. Impossible to load as insert or panner.

I do use it all the time but I haven’t experienced that. I’m on Win 11 and N12. It will only work on a 5.1 channel btw. Maybe a reinstall?

-create project (96kHz)
-create group track
-add Anymix to insert
-profit (crash)

Monterey 12.6.3
Nuendo 12.0.52 Build 393 (Apple Silicon)

Thanks for confirming! I’ll post a report to SB.

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Interesting. I tried the same repro on Win 11 and go this message. After rebooting Nuendo, opening the session crashes Nuendo everytime.

Screenshot 2023-03-05 121920

Anymix is probably not being developed or has been Eol[ed]
The same can be achieved by using a combination of Ambisonics Reverb Delays to up mix and down mix.
Keep the following in mind for Stereo to 7.1 up mix these also do fold to Stereo quite good provided you have used Deleys for early reflection and reverb for rooms diligently…
Dialogue: 100% Center Channel
Foley: 100% Front L/R (panned to phantom center)
Hard Effects: 100% Front L/R + 50% LFE
Music: 75% Front L/R, 25% Sides/Rear
Apply delays carefully to de couple

Atmos combined with Ambisonics should also give you terrific results and future proof your projects.