Anymix Pro, newbie question


I’m trying to figure out how to set up Anymix Pro on a track so that I could get a stereo track upmix to Atmos. What should the track configuration be and am I supposed to have the plugin as an insert or as a panner?

Appreciate a lot if someone could guide me through the initial setup.

I can’t seem to find much online and the Youtube videos demonstrate only Pro Tools usage.

So I don’t think Anymix will do what you want as it is only surround, it doesn’t do Atmos. Not that you couldn’t use it but it won’t get you any upmixing in the height plane.

Ah, thanks! I got it wrong after seeing the features list somewhere.
A bit disappointing anyways, being that Nuendo is so pro atmos :slight_smile:

Let’s hope for a future update on the plugin that otherwise seems great!

Thanks again!

I’m not sure that there will be much of an update for it, Steinberg didn’t make it they licensed it from Iosono, who I think Barco bought. So, they probably don’t have the code or a license to modify it, just the rights to distribute it with Nuendo.

Now maybe Iosono will update it and a new version will get introduced, or maybe they’ll replace it with a new plugin that does Atmos. But it is one of those 3rd party “you gets what you gets” kind of inclusions.

Gotcha! Thanks for the insight. I’ll check the other plugins available.

It is technically possible to produce a 7.1 up mix and mix and project the top using the supplied reverb
You will be surprised bu the results.
The other thing you could do is the old way if you have access to stereo stems or extract the stems using the latest Spectral layer pro from a premixed stereo

The mix confirms strictly to standard 7.1 Specs
Dialogue: 100% Center Channel
Foley: 100% Front L/R (panned to phantom center)
Hard Effects: 100% Front L/R + 50% LFE
Music: 75% Front L/R, 25% Sides/Rear