AnyMix with mono sources ?

Hello folks,
I just played with N6 yesterday, and especially the AnyMix from Iosono plugin. I’m very surprised to see that AnyMix is not usable with mono sources ! I remembered testing the demo version a few months back and it was feasible at that time. Am i doing something wrong ?
Sure dealing with stereo and up is great, but mono is really the basic element to pan in surround mixing IMHO.

Did you use it as an insert or as the swapped surround panner?

Mono track was routed to?


Yes, i was using it via the insert… I should have read the documentation before popping in :slight_smile: .
Thanks Pal, it’s working with mono channels now.
Is there a technical reason for AnyMix to not work with mono on insert ?

As a side note, i’ve just seen that the Schoeps Double M/S Tool BF can also be used as the panner ! Brilliant when dealing with M/S or Double M/S ! I’ll dig with these two great tools in the coming weeks.