anyone actually positive on windows 8-1

anyone actually positive on windows 8-1

oh why did i do it – since upgrading to windows 8.1 on my daw i have had nothing but grief not much work done but instead investigating one problem after another –

windows 7 sp1 was so good to work with just like xp was
too late now i have brought it and now i have to live with it ,
my thinking was things move on and so fast its easy to get left behind
so i brought a new system
cubase 8pro
windows 8-1
saphire 18i20
bfd 3…

all of which should keep me working for a few years …i thought –
anyone using windows 8.1 can give me any positives to cheer me up any tips to shed some light any thing in the way off windows 8-1 works fine with me ?? i need to here it

one other thing that swayed me to go for win 8-1 was the fact i get a free upgrade to windows 10 … this year … however i may not use it untill steinberg give the green light on it
cheers guys

About 7 months ago, I moved from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 8.1 x64 and haven’t had any problems. What kind of issues are you having that are new to Win 8.1?

Everything works at least as good as on Windows 7.

I moved to Windows 8.1 three months ago and have no problems with my old hardware.

For example, there are even no Win8.1 drivers for my audio card, but it works flawlessly with Win7 drivers.

Be sure to install all the updates.

I would say that it is mostly good news. However some projects have not transfered so well. Especially a number that I cannot get a proper mix-down without Cubase crashing. However so many issues with C8 it is difficult to know which problem belongs to whom.
I’d say stick with it.

One thing that improved Windows 8 for me was “Classic Shell” a little utility that installs the start menu and all the windows 7 function.

working great here, no problems what so ever, hate going back to win 7 now.


I went to 8.1 and had an update issue… I reinstalled, turned off updates, no issues in a few weeks now.

All Ok here,

I moved to 8.1 when it was released and never had a problem with 8.1 and Cubase 8 and Cubase Pro 8!!

I’m actually looking forward to Windows 10 later this year!

Jim B

I’m not positive on 8.1 and I uninstalled it from my laptop and reverted to Windows 7. But I didn’t have any particular Cubase problems with it; I just hated the clunky and confused attempt to combine touch-screen interaction with a desktop OS.

Look on the bright side: Windows 10 has GOT to be better than 8 or 8.1.


cant wait for winX to ship.

Windows 8.1 is great. Once I made sure Bios, Chipset Windows and all updates were installed, I then followed this Tweaking Win 8.1 for Audio Production Video and things are great.

Glad I moved from Win 7 (and I loved Win 7).

Been on Windows 8 (64-bit) series since inception, and Cubase works just as good as on W7.

i agree, the engine is great and for me also more stable then W7.
But i agree if you are talking about the win8 GUI.
Ok, win 8.1 is a bit better then win 8.0 GUI-wise, but still a very big stepbackwards in terms of user-experience.
I hope they do realise that the choice for the metro GUI thing combined with all the horrible sidepanes and other things similar to it that are interfering with a mouse based workflow was a terrible choice. I’m getting mad at those sidepanes everyday over and over again.
For a pro user in any kind of environment this is a very big step in to the wrong direction and probably many companies never will make the jump to version 8.x for that reason alone.
Hope the free X version will solve it, and windows can keep up maintaining it’s own character, and not trying to be a mediocre copy of a tablet form of an apple OS.
And for me… : i hate the word “app” in a windows environment.
It is just a common definition for reduced functionality and less performance with unwanted and unable to be controlled privacy stealing issues.
The one thing i’m missing in the win8 GUI is a build in Facebook “app”. That kind of a thing would just be enough to make me leave it behind forever.
Windows must be a OS, and nothing more then that.

Win 8.1 all good. On multiple-monitors, W8 basically operated in desktop mode.

We had not built up our workflows around the menu, which W7 was already deprecating in favour of the taskbar (a fact that many tech people, including many so-called tech bloggers, failed to notice, but almost 2/3rds of general users did), so no issues with that not around. However, the menu in W8.1 has a lot of admin and system utilities on tap.

I too am looking forward to W10, especially on a phone, as after getting a W8 tablet, I realised how network-stupid most phones/tablets are.