Anyone else having Kontakt 5 crashing issues?

My Kontakt 5 crashes as often as not whenever I close the Kontakt GUI. It just immediately crashes the whole Cubase session. I have now resorted to saving right when I instantiate a Kontakt, and every time I record MIDI onto the track. Then I save again when I’m ready to close the Kontakt window just because it will probably crash. Anyone else?

i have been using kontakt with cubase for over 10 years and this is very abnormal stuff here…never had this happen.

what 3rd party instrument is loaded in kontakt?

i would delete the kontakt dll file in your vst folder and run the latest kontakt update again

Stable here - try a reinstall

I did have issues a while ago until I disabled the multi-core in the Kontakt engine. It might help if you have not already done this. Actually Native Instrument support suggests this when using Cubase.

Good to hear this isn’t a common issue. The only third party Kontakt stuff I have is some Heavyocity stuff. My studio computer is not connected to the internet, so I haven’t tried the very latest Kontakt update. Maybe that will help. I will check the multithreading as well. Thanks.

Kontackt suddenly started crashing Cubase (total freeze) from one day to the next. The session runs with all the sounds loaded into Kontakt playing fine but as soon as I try to bring up the programme to add or modify any of the sounds the whole thing freezes. Windows and Kontakt running at 64bit. Standalone works fine…
Can’t change the multicore setting as someone suggested because I have no access to the programme as it’s dead on opening…
I’ve uninstalled, re-installed, updated, cleaned the registry. Same issue.
Any ideas?

Having the same issue. This is something new.

I too have the same issue. I’m trying a re-install. It’s crashing Cubase 9.5 on scanning/loading the VST before the project is even open. When it’s open its timing is all over the place too. This is a new problem.

Yes it’s very annoying. I try to use Komplete Kontrol when possible since it doesn’t seem to crash.

I had the same problem this morning with a Kontakt Session loading Kontakt REV 5. opening with Cubase 9.5.10 crashes every time; loading with Cubase 9.0 works.

Kontakt here, no crashes.

Yeah I exactly have the same problem. did you manage to deal with it? if so please let me know. thank you so much.
I’m using Cubase Pro 9, Windows 10 64bit Kontakt 5.8.0