Anyone else having Kontakt sync issues w/tempo changes?

I am running into a really annoying problem and I am not able to find a solution.

I have found out that when I am using a synced instrument from Kontakt (a loop for example) that follows your Cubase tempo, if a note starts where the tempo change is set, it’s always out of sync with the tempo.


  1. Load a tempo synced instrument in Kontakt, one that one key triggers a loop
  2. Create two notes 4 bars lenght each
  3. Set initial tempo at e.g 80bpm
  4. Set tempo at bar 4 at 120 bpm (Jump tempo change
  5. Play it back

The loop will be slightly out of sync at bar 4.

I’ve tried different Kontakt libraries and they all have the same problem.
Also it happens on both Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?


Any Kontakt user here that want to try it?


Kontakt loops timing is ok here, also changing tempo with a ramp: it’s in sync with the click.
I used this preset for the test: west africa library/percussion ensemble/bongo gine.
Then I also tried other presets from urban beats library and it works.
I’m in a 48 KHz 24 bit project.

I’ve noticed that when you set your cursor to the tempo change bar and playback the loop is a little behind the beat. Can you check this if possible? I talk about Jump tempo changes. Ramp seems fine here as well. You have to be very careful because the loops play for just 1-2bpm out of sync so don’t expect to hear huge difference.

Yup - been happening here since SX2.

I guess this has NOT been fixed, as teacue seems to have implied. Tho, to be honest, I am not sure if this is a Cubase issue, or a Kontakt issue.


Hi Bach,

you’re right and I 'm wrong:
for the main test I used the only library that has only the first quarter of the loop out of time.
Try a loop taken from west africa and set a tempo change from 60 to 50 bpm: only the first quarter of the bar is out of time (and barely audible), the other remaining 3 / 4 are in sync.

Same here (with other libraries).

A not very elegant momentary solution: set the tempo change a little before the bar, for example istead of…and the loops seem to be in timing. I repeat: definitely not elegant.

Thanks for the feedback gianni!
Well, this is a really huge thing, I wonder how it has been happening since SX2 and nothing has been done about that!
Another (again, not elegant) solution I’ve found is to trigger the Kontakt midi note an 64th note earlier. If you do this then the loop plays in sync :unamused:

Reviving this thread since this issue has still not been solved, 3 plus years later.

Ext Sync on to tempo sync a loop, play across a tempo change (ramp 0r jump) and you get a click (CPU spike)

This can be reproduced with a minimum of effort and NI has been alerted of this for over two years as well.

How do you Cubas users scoring to picture handle this situation?

Mr Anixety

I do have this huge problem too !

i switch from logic to cubase a year ago and i have to say that i am very sad to see that this problem seems to be an old one. Very hard when you work to pictures !!

I am working on a action/comedy movie and i have to use tempo ramp all the time.

Please Steinberg do something.

Jiromo, You need to submit a support ticket to Steinberg AND to Native Instruments since Kontakt is the culprit as well. It is possibly a VST/Kontakt issue that needs to be sorted out between them. I’ve submitted a few tickets already. We need more people chiming in to make the problem more important to them!

Mr A

This is apparently a Kontakt issue and not a Cubase issue. I am basing this off of the fact that I know of others who use Reaper and Logic - and they see the same thing. Of course it’s possible that all of the hosts are at fault, but I think that rather unlikely.

The original report I filed with NI was 11-18-2012. The last communication I had with them was 5-23-2013, when they said:

The developers are still looking into this issue. I don’t have an estimated date of fix.

I will call them tomorrow (Fri) and see if I get anywhere. Will post the results when done.


Move the MIDI data fwd by one bar, and render to audio. Then, move the audio event back one bar. It’s kinda a PITA, but there really is no other way to do it.


NI says it’s still on the list to get fixed…

Thx for the update Jeff!

Curious, when you saw freeze the tracks, but move the data forward one bar… etc, why are you suggesting this?

Mr A


Assuming you typed ‘saw’ instead of ‘said’…

First, I never said freeze the tracks. Why would you want to do that?

Secondly, for moving the MIDI data forward one bar - when you do this, Kontakt doesn’t screw up the tempo. The tempo only gets screwy when the MIDI data is right on the bar where the tempo change resides, or right (a few samples) after it. If you move the MIDI data fwd in time, there won’t be any tempo weirdness.