Anyone else having Virus TI problems with C6?

Virus TI (v1) - OS version / Cubase 6.0.1 / OSX 10.6.7


Cubase 6 (x86) loaded.

Try to load instance of Virus TI. Plugin appears and says the Virus is not connected.

Unload plugin, load up Virus Control Center. VCC says that the Virus is in use by the plugin.

Quit VCC, Quit Cubase. Load VCC. VCC says no Virus found, and the ‘USB’ indicator on the Virus display disappears.

Reboot Mac, Load up VCC, Virus appears normally in the list.

Quit VCC, Load up problem project in C6, load up Virus TI plugin, works fine.

Anyone else having issues…? Does using OS 4.5 beta help…?

In answer to the title…yeah…this guy:
Let’s hope you have more luck than he did.
I’d almost given you up for dead, mate.

Thanks - I love his notes to himself as nobody answered! Not the same issue though - the TI interfaces using USB to the Mac and can even be used as a USB audio interface (however I don’t use it like that, but I was still wondering about the USB audio interface issues in C6.0.0… allegedly fixed in 6.0.1 but who knows).

Fitz, I can test this on my Macbook Pro over the weekend. I have not had my TI on much in the last month so I have not used it much with the latest OS and driver. Maybe someone else in the meantime has more info but I will post back soon and let you know if I have similar issues.

Not having any problems like that with my C6 and Virus TI 4.5, no… I did have that problem a long time ago, and reinstalled the drivers and everything was okay. You could try a full restart of your Virus as well.