Anyone else sticking to 7.0.2?

Steinberg “fixed” something in 7.0.3 that was a feature to me. I was so thrilled to discover that they’d got rid of the awful shortening of names in the mix console, that it made the decision for me to upgrade from C6. On a 300 track orchestral template, carefully planning your names is a big part of making it good to work with - C6 had driven me nuts, but now sanity had been restored.

Within 24 hours, 7.0.3 was announced, and with it came the news that they’d fixed this “bug” and so 7.0.3 had the awful shortening back again. Same is true of plugin names.

Now, I’m sure not everyone works how I like to work, but that bug - plus 2 or 3 other genuine bug fixes were my reason for upgrading. Not fussed about anything else new in C7, though I’m fine with the new mixer. It would be nice to keep up do date with the fixes, but since 7.0.2 seems perfectly stable on my system I’ll just stick on that unless Steinberg give us the option to keep normal truncated track names.

Anyone else in the same strange boat, or is it just me? (thread in feature suggestions here - Steinberg Forums - no response from Steinberg).

7.02 working well enough here.I thought I would wait a little more.

7.03 working good for me still has a few bugs but I can work with it. There is a fix coming out very soon for all the mixer issues and some audio spiking when changing from mixer to record window but on the whole of it I love it much better performance then 6.5