Anyone else struggling using Nuendo via remote from home?

Hey all,

I’m controlling Nuendo on my work PC via remote from my home laptop using RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) and Citrix. All windows software and media is playing back fine except Nuendo.

Does anyone have the following issues?

  1. Nuendo has no sound. Fix: I now use a virtual audio device Voicemeeter Banana.
  2. Voicemeeter Banana only allows me to play back in 44.khz
  3. Playback is laggy as hell, 2 second delay.
  4. Now the video window has disappeared so I keep having to go back to the office to hit F8.

Help! Any workarounds or fixes are greatly appreciated!

Also… my macro key commands keep vanishing. They’re still in Key Commands window but I have to keep re-assigning the key command key.

AFAIK, remote control software “listens” by default to the standard Windows device, so you’ll have to switch that.
The lagging also seems normal to me.
I know a bunch of people who are using the RGS software from HP to work around that.


I haven’t tried RGS but given I’m already using two remote software systems I am hesitant to try another unless someone tells me they’re having success working with Nuendo specifically.

Windows device is also not working in Nuendo, it only shows metering with Voicemeeter Banana unfortunately!

Other people are working fine in Reaper so not sure whats going on here…