Anyone else using Saffire Pro 24 had problems since recent windows update?

Hi all,

I’m asking about this in a windows 10 forum, but just wondered if any users of the Saffire Pro have had problems since this weeks

March 13, 2018—KB4088776 update?

Or whether it’s only me?

Here’s the post I posted on the other forum, slightly altered as you know what Cubase etc is (I hope :slight_smile: )

I have a Dell and a BenQ monitor, I think the benq has speakers in it but I never use them.

Before this update, looking on playback devices, I had numerous audio devices showing up and I disabled all of them except for

Speakers ASUS ROG (default communication device)
Speakers Saffire Audio Default device
And two Steam devices my steam link box insisted were installed.

The disabled drivers were things like Digital Audio (HDMI) and also one relating to my BENQ monitor.

Sound has been working fine like this for years, then Tuesday night, when I shutdown, there was an update

Wednesday I logged in, after the update finished, I discovered no sound.

It popped up an error message when I tried to play a test tone on my Saffire pro (cant remember what, think it was unable to connect to device)

I wondered why the sound output hadn’t switched to my headphones, I enabled “show disabled devices” in the Sound Playback, and, the volume meter next to the DISABLED BENQ audio was showing it was outputting to that.

Totally confused, I removed my Saffire pro software (software mixing desk) and driver, and re-installed it (no later driver available)

And after rebooting, sure enough everything was now back fine. Saffire pro working properly…

I then had my dinner and watched a bit of TV, and about an hour later returned to my PC and it had switched back to the BENQ, even though the saffire Pro was listed as the default device (and BENQ still disabled)

It didn’t give me an error message trying to play a test tune on the Saffire, it also didn’t play it (meter next to it under sound/playback didn’t rise either).

So I thought I would try getting rid of the hmdi drivers, I did a clean install of my AMD RX480 software/drivers making sure I un-ticked the option to install HDMI audio devices.

This worked, I was now back to the sound working properly, however while the BENQ no longer showed up in sound/playback devices, I still have a load of “Digital Audio (HDMI)” showing up. but all was working.

And I powered off and went to bed.

Today, you’ve guessed it, no sound again,

Sound Playback shows the Saffire Ausio as the default device wand has a Green tick on it. Pro 24 lights show that the firewire is connected.

The Saffire mixControl opens fine and allows me to save to the pro 24, so Windows must be seeing it fine.

But unlike the other times, if I play a music track, no volume meters are moving on any device (wouldn’t be surprised if it was still somehow sending it to the BENQ even though that no longer appears in my sound playback list)

Totally confused, any advice?

I have system restore disabled, however, I have a complete image file from last week when I installed the new Cubase update, so going back will only take a few mins, but I can’t just miss out on security updates etc?

Any advice greatly received.

Many thanks

On the advice from someone on the win 10 forum, in device manager I disabled

“High Definition HDMI device”

rebooted, and all is now working fine.

But I’ve thought I’d fixed it a few times already in the past day only for it to return.

Will return tomorrow to say all is fine (or sooner if it isn’t)

Nope :frowning: Just come back to my PC and sound is no longer working again.

Under sounds/playback devices, on Safire Audio, test sound isn’t moving the meter at all. But the meter moves fine if I try it on say my headphones.

very weird, everything was fine before the update

Just done a test. Cubase is receiving MIDI fine from my keyboard that’s connected via the Pro24 midi.

I have the Saffire Pro 24 FW. My Windows 10 is fully up to date. I can see update KB4088776 was installed on my system 3/14/2018. Can’t say I am having any issues.

Many thanks.

At least I know its not an incompatibility problem with the Saffire Pro driver and the update

I will do image restore from last week and try the upgrade again.

Does your Saffire driver allow you to deselect WDM output (Windows sound) ?
I had to do it on my RME, then fire up cubase and sound was back, then closed down Cubase again.
I could then enable WDM output again, and everything is fine now.
I wonder if there is something in the registry of Win10 that gets jumbled by this update.
Just something to try.

Thanks for the suggestion peakae, but I’ve now fixed it.

I went back through the event log and realized the PC crashed at some point during the windows update.

I restored my system image, re-did the update, that was 8 hrs ago and sound is still working fine. So I presume something went wrong the first time.

Hi there,
I know it’s an old thread, but how’s your interface working since Win 10 version 2004? I’m having random stoppings with my Saffire 24 Pro (stops working and the bottom center and right leds flash at different intervals. Only a reboot helps. I’m on Win 10 for my PC. If I let Windows update to 20H2 or whatever the latest is called, it is way worse. Apps accessing the interface just hang it… On Mac, everything is fine with the same interface :(((