Anyone ever tried using a Cubase 5 project in logic?


I’m working in a studio in birmigham on thursday this week to finish a track I started at my studio in cubase 5.

Got around 50 tracks of music, some audio, some VSTi midi.

Lots of automation, effects etc.

The plan is to got to the studio in birmigham to finish the track (add vocals, mix, master).

The guys there use logic. Obviously I can bouce each track separately and print the inserts/ automation and them import to logic, but wondered if anyone has ever tried savingt he cubase file as a generic file type and opening the project as it is in cubase straight into logic…

Not even sure if this is possible or not tbh.

Cheers, any thoughts much appreciated.


I’ve never tried but I am pretty sure, that there’s no way to bring a detailed project to logic in a generic way.

I assume exporting the tracks and reimporting them and rebuild the whole arangement is the only solution. I assume that a generic filetype does not exist, only propietary formats.
But it’s just an assumption.

I seem to remember using OMF for someone and it opened in Logic?

I ended up going down the batch export route and rebuilding in logic… which was easy.

It would have been nice though to take the ‘mix so far’ to the studio rather than the dry un-mixed tracks.

Got there in the end though.