Anyone ever use Elastique Pro Formant for vocal retuning?

I’d like to retune a vocal but (unlike VariAudio) preserve the formants. Does anyone think something like this might work? …

Starting with a vocal at 100 BPM which we want to lower the pitch by 200 cents (i.e., the original pitch is 12.25% higher than the target one):


  1. Increase the tempo track to 112.3 BPM (12.25% faster) while keeping the same pitch and formants using Elastique Pro Formant Pitch, kind of like in this video (except for some reason they used EPF Timing instead of Pitch there). So now it’s at the same pitch but 12.25% faster, formants preserved (i.e., no chipmunk)?

  2. Switch to Elastique Pro Formant Tape.

  3. Decrease the tempo track back down to 100 BPM - so it’s at the original tempo, but now 12.25% less in pitch (200 cents) than the original - but with preserved formants.

Not sure about the math involved, or the choice of EPF Tape vs Pitch - what do you guys think? If you think it’s doable, I’ll try it out this weekend to see how much quality of the vocal is affected.

Thanks for any thoughts -