Anyone get a Radikal SAC 2.2 work with Win7 64 bit?

I downloaded the 3.08 firmware and the Flasher and tried over MIDI but it just churns.
Win 7 refuses to install the SACUp301 drivers via USB as well because they are not 64 bit.


Hi Dave

Don’t use the driver it was designed for Windows XP so just link it up via midi cables and no USB. I’m hoping Cubase 11 supports it again as they have removed the device since.


this is nearly 10 years old…
and is related to Nuendo

Please Steinberg can you include SAC 2.2 driver as an option in the next update of Cubase as I’m still using V10 because it isn’t supported in V11?

I use the radical by midi and it has amajor advantage for me, the position is free
so I can quick go to the fader i have to move
and it has no troble with the other hui stuff.
so in this way its possible to select the chanel with only one fingertip.
all the other remotes needs two or three figertips in most of the time
midi is Mackie hui and the radical is Proto