Anyone getting audio glitching turning on and off loop cycle

Just noticed bad audio glitching when turning on and off the cycle range…using the button on the transport or the new method of clicking the cycle range on the ruler.I’m getting this on both 8.5 and 8.5.2 …also on both mac and PC.

Anyone else?

maybe something wrong in the preferences?!

I can’t seem to reproduce this here:

Tried all 3 ASIO guard levels and audio boost on/off…I can click the cycle on/off as fast as I like with no glitching.

The only thing I maybe haven’t tested is with lots of vsti…only a couple of instruments playing live.

Try something as simple as dragging a bass loop and a drum loop to two audio tracks and hit play. Turn on and off the loop cycle. It’s is glitching with just two audio loops playing here.

What does the Mac and PC have in common, audio interface ?
Working perfectly well here, that said I have encountered it in the past ( Cubase 6) just never figured out why.

Tried all 3 ASIO guard levels and audio boost on/off and they don’t change the glutton. My buffer set at 512 is reasonable for my test and with only one audio track/file playing I can reproduce these results each time. I wonder if its my video card on my 27 inch iMac. The windows version that produces the same results uses the same hardware as it is bootcamp…and as in my signature my interface is Steinbergs UR 28 m.

I would try with audio on an external drive…then try with built in audio innstead of UR.

It seems to be hardware so anything you can change or disable to narrow it down…maybe try a lower screen resolution or on Windows uninstall the graphics and try Windows default drivers.

Thanks Grim I’ll give those suggestions a try!

Actually after testing some more I can confirm audio stutter/glitches.
I took a project 30 tracks audio only, all playing at original/recorded speed.
Hitting the / key on the keypad like a madman, No glitches.

Made a new project imported 1 audio file, and set project tempo to something different than the audio file tempo. Musical Mode and tempo set in the Audio Pool to enable time stretching.
Hitting the / key on the keypad like a madman, a lot of glitches.

I normally don’t turn on/off the Cycle that often :slight_smile:

Thank you for checking this out Peakae!

Perhaps something in relation to time stretching. I have recently started using more loops and time stretching and also started using/changing the key signature. I will investigate later today. Not a show stopper but it can be an unattractive sound.
Cheers. :slight_smile:

I can confirm that it is any stretched audio in a project the creates a glitch sound when turning on and off cycle. No stretched audio…no glitch. I think that could do with fixing.