Anyone getting lockups with Kontakt and certain libraries (Such as Session Guitarist)

For some reason, certain libraries in Kontak (i.e. “Session guitarist - Picked Acoustic”) will just lock Cubase up for 10-20 seconds at random.

It usually only happens once or twice a few minutes after the plugin is loaded and i change a parameter or preset, and it seems to be quite random. But i’ve only seen it happen on the Session Guitarist items. Don’t really fancy uninstalling/installing, but if no-one else is experiencing this i may just give it a try.

I tried Kontakt standalone and it was fine. I suspect it’s an NI issue, and not Cubase - but anyone getting random (temporary) lockups with Kontakt in general?

working fine here ?

random thought - what multicore settings do you have in the Kontakt plugin , it’s different from standalone

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Hey stranger! :slight_smile:

I don’t think i’ve ever changed the settings, so they are the default:-

I’m running a i7-9750H, which is 6 cores with Hyperthreading.

Do you think that setting could affect something like this? I only jumped on the NI/Kontakt bandwagon a year or so back - so not experienced with it’s ‘quirks’. :slight_smile:

the general advice is let the DAW do the threading - so try it on a single core.

As always ‘general advice’ is not always right so worth testing - in my installation single core is better - but i run 32 samples buffer and different things happen to multithreaded apps at higher buffer settings.

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Ok mate, thanks for that- i’ll give it a try, that makes sense for sure. I’m nowhere near your low buffer as 128 does me well. So will be interesting to see.

I tend to run an instance of Kontakt per instrument, rather than running one instance of Kontakt as multi-timbral - would your ‘general’ advice still apply if that’s my workflow? I’m guessing yes as i’m not loading up a single instance.

I do the same - 1 Kontakt instance per VSTi

The logic is that the DAW can make better decisions about how to thread the cores than the plugin. As it has an ‘overview’ of the entire system. For standalone Kontakt then let it do whatever it wants.

At 128 samples buffer, things like multithreading get ‘more efficient’ - that is the time shuffling stuff between cores gets less important, and the extra cores give more boost (very simplistically !)

I’m not sure that’s the problem - but it’s worth taking a look at that first - cos it’s easy to check :slight_smile:

I use Picked Acoustic all the time (and I’m a guitarist !) - love it :slight_smile: - it can be a bit resource hungry but I don’t get lockups. I also like it when people think I played the guitar and it’s actually Picked Acoustic…I take it as a compliment and don’t tell them the truth.

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Ain’t that the truth!! :slight_smile:

Along with the strummed acoustic the quality of recordings are incredible, especially if you want that wide/clean studio effect. I was amazed when first playing with it (And like you i play guitar myself).

I also love how flexible Cubase is with the articulations to control the key switches too -last night i was learning how to set all that up, and it seems a bit different in C10.5 compared to some of the tutorials (Tutorials show long bars in the articulation lane, whereas C10.5 articulation seems to be fixed to the notes and smaller squares displayed in the lane) but i think i’ve got a handle on it now.

Anyway, fingers crossed that little tweak will lead me on a smooth path. Really appreciate your help.

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that wide effect is my favourite - I can’t always get it to sit in a track but it’s sounds brilliant. I don’t know why more people are not raving about it - I’ve some nice mics and guitars but I can’t get them to sound anything like that.

I also have the realivox ‘fingerpick 2’

don’t bother - not even close to being as good. The NI electric version (sunburst something or other) is also good.

I wish they’d do addon packs for extra fingerpicking patterns - or allow you to program your own.

The non-deluxe sunburst instrument has been added to the Standard edition of Komplete 13, but i’m sat on K12 right now. Since using the Acoustic libraries i really would like to get one of the Sunburst instruments, as i have no doubt i’d like them too. (Hence why i’ve avoided demo’ing it).

In the K12>K13 update, Electric Sunburst, new Guitar Rig, and Butch Vig Drums really appeal. But even then i still can’t justify the GBP169 price tag, as i know i’d want to upgrade Sunburst to the deluxe version.

If i don’t get another summer holiday this year, at least i can look forward to NI’s summer sale, eh? :slight_smile:

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I’m waiting for that upgrade sale too - but I used my £22 voucher when sunburst came out as I’d like the picked acoustic so much…

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Ok, so i made that change and it’s been running fine for a few hours tonight. :slight_smile:

Seems that the freezes were occuring on patch changes whereby the sample data is coming from my second drive which is still a ‘spinny’ HDD.

After changing the multi-core setting the difference is that the interface updates to show the purge and loading of new sample data - whereas before it was just a 10+ second freeze globally with no indication of what was occurring.

When changing presets in those Kontakt instruments, it isn’t always clear if it will need to fetch new sample data or not. But, Now all is clear! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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