Anyone getting this Reaktor/CubStudio5 problem like me (PC)?

When I try to map the Env.Attack and Env.Decay Parameters of the (excellently fat) Reaktor Ens “SH-2k” (I am attaching this Ens to my post) to my BCR2000, it is impossible to do that when I use the Device Manager, having the BCR2000 present as a generic controller. It does work, however, with the Env. Sustain and Env.Release parameters and other parameters like filter cutoff and resonance.

Also, I am able to map those parameters Env.Att. and Env.Dec. to the Quick Controls in Cubase.

I like to add that in Reaper 4 and Ableton 8, the Env.A and Env.D parameters are fully recognized and mappable to my BCR2000.

I am on a PC, Win7 64 and Cubase Studio 5.5.3.

I do realize my problem is very specific. But please try to reproduce it, as it may reveal a flaw in Cubase.

Anyone with Cubase 6 may also come into this discussion and bring his experinece with the aforementioned issue.