Anyone going to AES Expo this weekend

AES Expo this weekend in San Francisco.
Anyone here attending. Looks like a good Project Studio lineup for Saturday and its free.

I don’t think Steinberg is attending, so I won’t bother going :laughing:

Nope… I miss going to the SF meet. I am out there 4-5 times a year though. Great time to visit.

I saw a lot of jaw dropping systems this weekend and also got to partake of a couple of Project Studio seminars hosted by Sound on Sound. This mixer caught my attention as the most unique
AES mixer.jpg
8 channels of all tube analog mixing for $20,000 (16 channels for $40K)

That looks really ugly, wouldn’t spend that money on something so disgraceful, no matter how it sounds :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant argue as to how it strikes you but walking up on it I have to say I was impressed by its looks. Its really huge.I don’t know if I 'd want one either. The developer was there and his passion for his work was infectious

$2500/channel hmmm It is interesting looking, but I wouldn’t ever bite on anything like that.

Thanks for sharing the picture. Do ya got anything else?

I was reaching for my reading glasses, then I realised the picture is out of focus :laughing:

Good catch. I just got a new Samsung Galaxy and I don’t know what I’m doing.

You can tap on the screen where you want the lens to focus :wink:

Lovely…! Looks kinda Russian…?! maybe modded from a panel found in some old nuclear power plant installation - solid engineering; me like… :wink:

Its made in Los Angeles by Tree Audio

Fantastic - thanks… I see they’re calling it the ‘Roots Tube’ console… nice.! Will explore more later. :wink:

Love the big (Frankenstein) knobs.