Anyone Got a MIDI Device File for OB-6?

I just got an OB-6 Module, it’s gawd awesome. I’ve got it hooked up as an external synth and it works fine. Just wondering if anyone has gone into detail setting up panels for it. I’ve got it set up for CCs, but they recommend NRPNs for it which is a bit beyond my MIDI programming ability at this time. I’m planning on doing what I do with my SUB 37 (saving presets) but if there is a better way, I’m all in.
P.S. Defining the CCs in the MIDI device editor doesn’t change what’s displayed in the automation list so you still have to remember that CC: 102 is the filter freq. Any way around that?

Here is a patch name script for the OB-6. It’s not as nice as the plugin from Soundtower but it won’t crash when you hit play. It would have been nice if the plugin worked.

I reported the crash issue to Soundtower support ( They were very responsive and sent me a new version of the plugin (1.1.0). The new version works well with Cubase 9, no crashes. The current release version (1.06) does not work at all with Cubase 9, it crashes no matter what you try to do, but they’ll send you one that works if you contact them.
If you have an OB-6, I highly recommend getting the Soundtower VSTi and editor. The VSTi allows you to automate everything on the synth without having to dive into MIDI implementation docs. Everything is implemented with NRPNs as recommended by DSI. It would be nice if DSI included the software tools with the synth like Moog does, but $100 isn’t that steep considering the synth module costs $2300.