Anyone got Absolute 4?

I have installed it on my new machine but I’m sure it’s not right. I have perused the instrument forum here and this seems a common issue but all the threads just fizzle out without any input from Steinberg.

It’s a content issue.
If I open GA5 I have the exact same content as when I open GA SE, so for instance I have “The Kit SE” in GA5 but not" The Kit". Is this right?

When I open the Library manager I don’t have any “Halion 6” content, just Sonic, Flux, Halion 3 and the SE stuff.

I have treble checked the installs, I have even moved everything into a single VST Sounds folder and pointed the Library manager at that.
If I try to re-install the GA5 and Halion 6 content I find that every file it wants to install is already present in the VST Sounds folder.

There is roughly 60gb of additional content I can’t seem to access, all I’m getting is the stuff we get anyway with Halion SE and GA SE.
I have the latest Library manager and this is a brand new system with all the content stored neatly in folders on my second drive. It hasn’t migrated all over the place!

Could somebody who has Absolute 4 maybe take some screenies of their GA5 Kits page and the Halion content page of the Library Manager so I can compare?
Would appreciate it.


As far as I know, the content, which is GA or HALion 6 specific, is not named this way. Then the content is without the appendix.

You can also see all content in GASE or in HALion Sonic SE. These (lets say) “Player” editions can play the whole content, but you have less editing possibilities. And of course, you need the license for the content. So in HALion Sonic SE you can see HALion 6 content, If you have HALion 6 license only. Again in HALion 6 you have much more editing possibilities then. HALion Sonic SE is more or less just a player, same as HALion Sonic.

Hi - Congrats on Absolute 4! Here is a tiny bit of info in images in addition to MartinJirsak info - could not attach much info was just too big Please let me know if these help, or if they are entirely TOO small - Enjoy Absolute 4!

Absolute 4 content HALion

more Absolute 4 content

Absolute 4 content Pad Shop

Netty you are a star, that is massively helpful!

My install looks nothing like yours, I don’t have most of that stuff, the kits, the Halion presets, I have loads of stuff missing.

I will have to sit down later and carefully go through all the files you have listed and compare them to mine. I have re-installed already and it didn’t help so somethings gone badly wrong, I don’t appear to have any of the additional content that comes with Absolute 4.
It’s going to take some time but I can start hunting stuff down now!

Thanks again.

As I recall I/you will have to install ALL the items there are a number of installs you have to “run” - read each of the .pdf file instruction and follow them all you must run the “Steinberg_Download_Assistant_1.16.3_Installer_win.exe” to activate the “Steinberg Download Assistant” or newer version, in it you must download ALL the items needed, it is quite a few of downloads and installs and also .pdf instructions. - Good Luck it is a Bitch, but worth it.

E.Bass is part of Absolute 4 ?
That is not mentioned on the website.

Sorry, just cant know if it is for sure, the Steinberg site pages just say and others, so not sure. I did update my post, Anyway, have a REAL bass so likely wont use it. Watched a video and there is ALOT of technique to use it - I did find this New Electric Bass Sound library - Virtual Effects and Add-ons - Steinberg Forums - also downloaded a “free” license for Alto Glockenspiel but got license errors so just removed it and then reinstalled, again, likely wont need that one either. That was some promotion that I ran across and picked up, it does pay to keep an eye out for the special deals! Also found another one that I installed called “Engines Roar” it could be good for adding sounds to projects. - sorry I don’t know that answer, however it you follow the link inside the link above, it continues to indicate eBass is included. I just can’t say though, there does not seem to be a definitive list of all that is included in Absolute, that I could find, there is so much there.

Right folks, update.

After several attempts at re-installs, lots of head-scratching, cursing, googling and finally throwing stuff around the room I had a revelation.
Brave Browser.

I had installed Brave Browser on this new machine and it was messing with the install. It wasn’t allowing the pop-ups that register the VST Soundfile locations. This is why I was confused, I could see all the files on disk and I could point the programs at them but they wouldn’t work.
I installed Firefox which immediately threw up all the boxes I needed to tick and now everything is champion!

Thanks to those who tried to help especially netty for giving up his/her time and posting lots of pics of how things should have looked.

I now have a spanky new rocket-ship fast machine, 10.5 Pro, Absolute 4, SampleTank 4 Max, Fabfilter Suite, EZKeys ,EZDrummer, Helix Native and all sorts of other bits and bobs to stare in awe at. Whether I actually manage to make any decent noises is another matter entirely but for now I’m still giggling like a kid at the prospect.

Have a great weekend everyone!

LOVE it! Pretty fine brain candy for sure, tickles the synapse! I think above I said I would not likely use Alto Glockenspiel, but i did give it a listen,slapped some plugs on it and well, now its in my latest song. It sounds so good!
Have a GREAT time! :slight_smile:

nettydrown; I’m working on a piece with Alto Glock too…death metal it is not. I also have Engine Roar, and would love to hear if anyone can find a practical use for it!

My thought for engines roar is to use in tracks as background. George Martin, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Super Tramp and on and on, used lots of stuff like that very creatively. I’m also quite sure one could grind those sounds into a sampler kit as well. Someday it would be fun to go down that rabbit hole, but for now I have other things to get done, looks like like a steep learning curve, but really cool stuff. I love the ANIMA synth sound - Really cool. But I will also say that I hear many songs and sound track that hit me as total overuse of tech-y sounds, effects, and instrument parts. So many times it seems as if the technology may seduce artist into choices, and (not like I am anyone!) but I am making a conscious effort to stay just a little bit old school and not over use too too many tracks and voices. Wow there I go again, to many words…too many notes too many tracks :astonished: oh well … back to your question… yeah… death metal , it could happen…this thing I am doing is supposed to be solid rock, at least in my thoughts, weeel seee? very liberal plugin use

Hi CombatPython when you get those things looked at - would you give a quick comment on Helix Native that looks kinda interesting? I use a PodHD Pro into 2 hardware tube amps mic’d with 12 mics and pretty happy with that. The other thing would be interested in, comment on SampleTank? I looked at it online and really appears that it falls way short of Absolute? Just Curious on those, not sure if you can do that here on SBCB forum but you could send me a private em - happy prospection!

Hi Netty.
Okay please bare in mind that I’m far from knowledgeable with all this stuff.

I’m a bedroom guitarist who’s finally become competent enough to have a half-arsed stab at just about anything, I’m too old to join a band or any of that hard work stuff so I wanted to set up a home studio and have a go at creating my own nonsense. I really love the Helix but didn’t want the physical box so I waited for it to be available as a plug-in, I’m not an expert on guitar effects but it seems to do just about everything I’d ever want and at about a third of the cost of the actual box.
From the little time I’ve spent with it I will say it’s heavy on processing power although with judicious effects editing combined with other insert effects in Cubase that can probably be cut right down. Just don’t load up endless chains of pointless effects in Helix though, it will eat your cpu!

SampleTank 4?
Well I’ve had a few previous goes at setting up a home studio but none of them really got off the ground, I had used SampleTank 3 before though. So with this new machine I was really looking for stuff I knew about and could actually use. I’ve read all about Kontact and I have Halion but I really just wanted something usable that lets me just mess about at stuff without any massive learning curve. I bought the Max version cos it has a gazillion GB of sounds and just about every instrument I will ever need. I’m sure there are more fidelititious instruments and samplers out there but I’m just doing this for my own amusement so I wanted some plug-ins and instruments that would let me just experiment and faff about. I run a very busy business in real life so I don’t have the luxury of time to spend learning all the ins and outs of every production tool.
Need a trombone or bright piano? Whack on SampleTank and there they are, it’s lemon squeezy.

I have some lovely guitars and I play the Bass very badly so combining that with all the wizard new miracle-like jiggery-pokery that DAWS can do I just want to waste a few hours of a rapidly dwindling time-bank on making a noise!

I’ve got to stop watching YouTube though cos I keep buying stuff. Every time I watch a producer or mixer I immediately buy whatever they are using under the absurd mis-conception that I will be able to do it too!


Edited to add, I just did it again! Upgrading from EZDrummer 2 to Superior Drummer 3 as I type!
Get a grip man!

Ha! Nice! thanks for sharing the info, pretty good stuff.

nettydrown, your Alto Glock went in a different direction to mine…I’ve used Infected Mushroom’s Manipulator on it. It’s a bit psychotic. I can imagine the Engine Roars as a techno gated rhythm, and maybe a NIN style texture, with a ton of processing.

CombatPython, I definitely don’t recommend that you watch any Andrew Huang videos; that modular stuff will bankrupt you!

Thanks for that ieaston, just watched a few, fascinating stuff.
To take one example from one of his vids, he has a delay randomizing on each beat which gives a really interesting sound, is that possible on any delay plug-ins? I’m wondering if you can emulate a lot of this modular stuff through software.