Anyone had success with Jack Audio in 64 bit Cubase 6?

The Jackrouter driver does not show up in the Cubase Audio driver list and consequently Cubase does not show up in the Jack Control. Any guidance is appreciated.


Currently Jack for Windows only supports 32-bit applications, but a new version is currently being tested that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit audio applications.

Curious what you actually do with it. The only thing I could think of that I would route audio like that for is to run audio outs from Cubase to Reason while they’re rewired, as rewire only lets you send audio from slave to host.

You’d then have to render/mix down in real-time cuz I don’t think that audio would process in the same manner during rendering. This leaves me still thinking though that there are other methods of accomplishing the same thing, like just importing the audio into Reason, etc.

I’m not harshing on Jack Audio, I just don’t get it. Enlighten me please!

Thanks for the replies. Actually I was trying to route to Ninjam. Any alternatives to Jack that work with Cubase 64 bit?

Try reaRoute, included with Reaper. It is, I believe an ASIO virtual audio cable just like jack audio. It comes with Reaper, but operates outside of Reaper as an ASIO driver. I have never used it, but would be worth a try. The demo version of Reaper is free and about 8mb to download.

During the Reaper setup/install you’ll have to go into the component selection dialog and specifically check “reaRoute” or you won’t get it.

Rearoute works well, but its channels are not multiclient, so you need one channel pair for each connection AND you need reaper to patchbay to your sound card.

Jack audio works on win7x64. You need to download the x64 package, install it, and manually regsrv32 the x64 jackrouter ASio driver (the installer only registers the x32 driver)

Set your number of channels in jackrouter.ini up to 32 (there’s a bug preventing more than 32 channels)

Well, I’ll admit ‘I don’t know Jack!’ But one possible answer to your question and the foundation of mine is: it appears you can run more than one audio interface and route them through a common ‘Jack ASIO’ virtual device … thereby increasing your available i/o.

Please someone, tell me that this is right!? I’ve been dying to resurrect my Layla24 to run along side my Multiface II and increase my analog i/o count.

So. Is anyone here successfully using Jack2 to run two differnt audio interfaces routed through to Cubase 6 32bit under Win7 x64?



Try Asio4all.

You sure? and sure seem to imply that it does.

I’ll check out ASIO4All … as that would be alot simpler. But it sure is news to me that it permits integration of multiple hardware audio interfaces into a single ASIO device for Cubase.

Edit: OK, Thanks! Found this:


Got Jack working with 64 bit Cubase 6 but it freezes my entire computer. Anyone experience this?

Unfortunately for me, both the drivers I’d hoped to use under ASIO4All, RME and Echo, are specifically noted in the SOS article as not operating under ASIO4Most.

Grrrr … I’m jealous at the moment of Sonar owners who can directly use multiple drivers at the same times.


Only with Wasapi drivers… Afaik… I only use asio/jackrouter, one device only possible…

For me it doesn’t work with 32Bit hosts but works with 64Bit hosts. In Cubase 64Bit the jackrouter is seen and can be selected but sound doesn’t work after connect the right ports in Qjackctl. With Reaper 64Bit all works perfect, so eventually is some not proper implemented ASIO in the jackrouter.

So… no success with Cubase 6 and Jack.

Btw. I wrote to the Jack mailing list and the developer/maintainer knows about this problems and will make some other tests.

I got it working. Let me know if anybody still needs help.