Anyone has tried connecting a cheap touch screen to display/control the mixer?

I’m considering to buy a cheap 14 inch touch screen, such as: Ips Uhd 4k14 Inch 3840x1100 Stretched Bar Touch Monitor Aida 64 Monitor Support Connect Android Phone Raspberry Pi - Tablet Lcds & Panels - AliExpress

My Korg NanoKontrol Studio started to have issues, faders randomly move themselves, maybe due to dusts. The plan is I will replace it with a cheap touch screen, and place it above my keyboard for displaying and controlling the Mix console. Anyone has tried such products before? Due to it’s price, I’m worried that it might not be responsive enough for such applications. Or, maybe mixer buttons are too small because they are not designed for touch operations? It should be really convenient for drawing automations too, but I’m pretty that it’s not possible because Cubase shows automation in the main project window only (correct me if I’m wrong). Other product recommendations are welcomed. Thank you in advance.

I have an VT168H|Monitors|ASUS Global, probably discontinued by now, that cost me about 140 Euros back when I got it.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. The most important one. Cubase is not multi touch aware. You can only control ONE fader at a time.
  2. When trying to do micro-adjustments, your finger gets in the way and you cannot see what you are doing.
  3. Resolution of 1366x768 is not enough in my opinion.
  4. Using a pen to draw automation or CCs is very doable, however with the new bezier curves I don’t find a need to do this by freehand touch/drawing any more.


It’s nice to have a small-ish screen lying on my desk (I’ve removed the stand) and always show the mixconsole, in which I can make fairly precise and immediate level adjustments, albeit one channel at a time. So…

If your main incentive is to control the mixer by touch, and multiple channels simultaneously at that, I wouldn’t recommend a touchscreen. (Unless you went the DTouch route, or Raven, which is considerably more costly than just a screen)

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