Anyone have a binauralizer plugin they like for monitoring surround?

I don’t have surround speakers anymore, and probably won’t be able to any time soon, if ever, so I’ve been using headphones these days and thus playing around with good tools for binauralizing surround sound. Currently my two favorites are:

– dearVR Monitor. Does quite a good job sound quality wise and tucks nicely in the control room to do its job. Easy to turn on and off for comparisons, or if I’m doing stereo and switch to speakers. Support height channels as well. However it doesn’t have any head tracking features, unless you want to wear a VR headset which I most certainly don’t and I find that headtracking is what really pushes things over the top to be convincing.

–Redscape. Sounds good and does headtracking, however it is a separate program which is nice for video games, but not as desirable for pro audio. Also means I have to switch ASIO devices any time I want to bypass it for any reason (like speaker use). Doesn’t support height channels either, though I don’t make use of that at the moment.

Anyone have another I ought to give a look at? Obviously I’m interested in headtracking, but I’d try one without if you think it is worth a look.

Waves NX 5.1 is an option if you don’t go above 5.1
and it support headtracking using a clip on your headphone or camera based head tracking ( requiring a webcam )

An easy way is to assign your 7.1.4 mix to a 3rd Order Ambisonics Bus and assign that to the Stereo Master. Works great.

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@Soushi I do actually own that one as part of some bundle I have, I was very unimpressed with it when I last tried it, maybe I’ll give it another look.

@Wheels I’ll have to try that, though I think ambisonics have issues in Nuendo 12 at the moment. Not sure how the sound quality will be given that 3rd order still distorts the soundfield a lot (despite being 16 channels) mathematically speaking. Also while in theory Nuendo supports headtracking, I’ve never been able to get any info from them as to in what format is expects the OSC messages.

Michael Wagner has a great YouTube channel about a lot of this stuff.

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