Anyone have an i9 10, 14 or 18 core setup - what spec is working out?

Hi guys

Thinking of making a move to a higher core count later in the year and wondering if anyone can tell me the highest core chip your using on Windows 10 and how its going - is the dropout for multi cpus happening at this stage or not

  • Whats the motherboard, cooler, memory type etc

My current setup is an i7 5930x overclocked to 4.3Ghz so it’d need to be worth the upgrade I guess.

thanks guys


Check this out:

Single core performance can sometimes be more valuable than more cores, as all processing on a channel or individual plugins could be limited to one core. This has historically been the case with a lot of DAW:s and plugins.

I run an 8700K myself which has a significantly higher clock speed then the I9 18 core. I havn´t tested but I suspect it would beat an I9 under certain Cubase loads, and certainly for most current games and desktop programs etc. That said, the I9 would crush the competition in a multi-threaded environment. Not sure how well Cubase scales with more than 12 logical cores, anyone?

I am using an i9-7900x with 10 cores given to Cubase. The advantage of 10 is that it leaves the eleventh core available to the notorious nVidia card interrupt in a way that does not glitch Cubase. nVidia seems to prefer core 0 but will settle for core 10. Cubase seems to require core 0 be included in its allotment, although I have not investigated that very far. While Cubase running alone does not justify an i9 over other processors, the advantage to me is that I can simultaneously run Cubase and various video editing programs with outstanding performance on both. It’s quite a luxury to do that as it allows me to quickly edit either the music track or the video cuts to take best advantage of both even with full resolution, un-bounced video files. In general video editors work a little better with nVidia cards than others, although that is slowly changing.

Bill have you had to do anything to address the Cubase limitation of 14 logical cores with the 7900x?