Anyone have had trouble receiving the license after payment?

I bought a 10.5 > 11 update online, and paid via Pay Pal on 25th. It’s still not showing in My products or My steinberg at all. How long should it take? I can’t login to the store for some reason either, I’ve requested a password reset but it never sends me the mail.

What to do? I did submit a support ticket but this seems really strange to me.

I will show in your products once you activate it. You should have received an activation code in email. If not, contact the seller. If it’s the Steinberg store, there’s a link on the support page.

I did the purchase on my cell phone on the Steinberg store, and there was a download link and all, but I don’t think I got any email about it.

A-ha! yes now I found it. Thanks!