Anyone Have Steinberg CMC Controller Working with WL9?

Hi All.

As Wavelab doesnt support EuCon I decided to use a Steinberg CMC QC controller to avoid getting carpal tunnel from mousing -clicking-dragging in plugin interfaces so much. (Note: Not intending to use for Shortcuts)
I cant get it to work. The process is very straightforward and simple and I know that WL sees the controller and receives data from it but it will not link the controls on the device with controls in plugins

I will outline the process followed so its clear what actions were taken. Im on a Dual Xeon 2687w running Win7 Ultimate and WL 9.035

First all drivers and firmware are up to date and CMC controller is in Midi Mode and functioning well outside of WL

File> Preferences>Remote Devices
Device Editing Tab
Header - Midi Control Device #1
Active Checked
In Port and Out Port - Steinberg CMC QC 1
Edit Map
PlugIn Custom Parameters

Knob 1 Select
In Control Editor:
Type: Relative Values (Infinite Knob) – Control Change Rel (Steinberg 2’s Complment) – Control Sends Messages
Click in Message field
Rotate Knob 1 on the CMC QC Controller
WaveLab detects Midi data and This Control Is Modified message appears
Message for Knob changes to reflect the CC value for the Knob
Click Save
Repeat the process for all 8 knobs on the controller
This Map is Modified message appears
Click Save
(My initial CC values were as follows 74, 71, 10, 7, 73, 72, 91, 93 - All on Channel 1
I have also tried selecting different midi channels as well as assigning the knobs to open midi CC values 20-31)

Insert a plugin into a slot and open the interface
Ctrl L Click the Remote Control Mode button
Dialog box describing linking process and Edit Map requirements appears
Click OK to Close Dialog
Remote Control Mode button is blue and changes to indicate learning mode
Place cursor over Plugin Interface element (ex Knob)
Rotate a given knob on the CMC controller

Nothing happens - The physical knobs and plugin interface elements will not link. I have tried numeorus plugins from Steinberg and third parties and No Dice.

Any thoughts ?


Hi Ian …

Have you had any luck in getting this to work?

I have no thoughts BTW.


Unfortunately I have not. Its disappointing because the process is pretty simple and it should be a 5 minute ‘No Brainer’ to get the controller working in WL. Im crossing my fingers that one of the many users that grace the forums may have may have gotten it to work by some fit of genius (or luck - Ha!) that they performed off script from the normal process OR Steinberg is able to say that it just doesn’t work currently (that’s not true right PG? :wink: ). Really counting on getting it working before my mousing arm falls off.


Thank you for the update … really appreciated.

Like you, I am searching for a solution like this.

Were you able to make any progress with this…has PG been able to replicate the problem and find a solution ?

Current Steinberg hardware not talking to current Steinberg software should be the cause of a tiny bit of corporate sleeplessness, no ? The Reaper people have had it working with their DAW for 2 years now…

FWIW, I have exactly the same problem with Mackie MCU & extender - same fiddling about with setup. Worked at first, but needs constant re-loading and fiddling. Now does not work at all.

Would be very useful if Wavelab made this ‘plug n’ play’ as per Cubase and Nuendo Control surface recognition. Doesn’t really need to be as full-fledged, sure, but simple location, transport, cycle, scrub, markers - surely?

The WL9 control surface function seems presently very clunky, old and under-developed.

I have AI and TP both working in WL 9.5 But the CMC-TP does not work fully. The Slider mode button can trigger but Slider itself does not. Seems Cubase has full functional use, but not so much in Wavelab.

Phillipe - I have 2 elegant CMC controllers I would like to work fully in Wavelab as they do in Cubase… any chance that can be improved?

I use The CMC AI + TP, some features work ,Start stop+loop ,Can someone explain why these boxes do not play nicely with Wavelab 9.5?