Anyone have troubles with Focusrite

Hi I have just found out that focusrite have got new driver release for windows 10 and 11.
I have a first Gen 6i6 and the new drivers work a treat.
Check the site out if you have a focusrite box.
It may cure some peoples problems in Cubase 12.
My first gen is spot on for 48000khz and 256 buffer.

All the Best

I have a 2nd gen 6i6. Haven’t had any issues with Cubase, but for some reason if Win went into sleep mode it lost the USB connection to the 6i6 and you had to manually reassign it in Ableton. Cubase on the flip didn’t have this issue. Wonder if this will fix it? I’ll DL and try.

For some reason my old 6i6 had no problems with the 2020 driver .
The only thing that happened is if i booted up Windows 11 and then switched on the 6i6 i got occasional blue screens, but tha was sorted after a restart.
Well, the new driver is now meant for Win 10 and 11, and i get a slightly better performance on the peak meter with the odd sounds from Arturia which hit red.
No glitches with new driver and i am very happy that Focusrite back their older generations up.
At some point in the future i will probably have to go for a fourth Gen but in the meantine Focusrite are tops.

I agree. Focusrite does a great job of supporting their older gear…much better than some other manufacturers.