Anyone have Yamaha Studio Manager running in C6, win7 64 bit

Getting around to setting up a Motif Rack es. Went to the Yamaha site and downloaded the usb driver for W7/64 bit as well as the latest Studio Manager, Motif Rack ES voice and multipart editors.

The Studio manager, voice and multipart editors are all 32 bit app’s. I had hoped that they would install as normal VST plugin’s but I’m not sure if they do. After installing I cant find any Yamaha Studio Manager dll in the VST plugin’s folder. Studio Manager did create a c:\Yamaha\Studio Manager folder and there is a dll in there but it’s not a location that’s scanned by cubase plugin manager so I’m not sure if it’s a normal vst plugin dll.

After installing all the software, I can open C4 (32 bit) and the Yamaha Studio Manager does show up in the Devices drop down menu but It doesn’t appear in C6 (64 bit).

Wondering if anyone else has gotten this working in C6/64 bit abd, if so…how?

Is it possible to jbridge the studio manager dll?

Any help appreciated.


Can studio manager run standalone?

Studio manager is not a VST Plugin.

The Studio Manager is available under the Devices Menu. Click it and you should get the Studio Manager window- click File, Setup- and if your Motif Device Editor is installed properly, you should see it in the left column- add it to the workspace on the right-click ok. Double clicking the icon should bring up the editor.

I’m on a Mac, but I assume it will work the same for you. Hope that helps

I also have a rack es. But as the Yamaha drivers are 32 bit I’ve not been able to get it to work with the 64 bit version of Cubase. My solution is to simply run Studio Manager as a separate process.

So far, I’ve had no issues running things this way.

Hope this helps,


Yes, it looks like Studio manager can run standalone (considering using it this way if I cant get it to integrate with C6 64 bit.

I was thinking the same thing…

Doesn’t look quite like a plugin until you start looking at how it integrates into Cubase…at least in to Cubase 32 bit. Also interesting that the Studio Manager installer makes it’s own folder on the c drive but drops a dll file in there. I know, that doesn’t mean it’s a VST plugin but I start to wonder if it’s a variant of some sort (that might be swizzeled to work like a VST plug???

This is correct SO LONG AS you run Cubase 32 bit. The Studio Manager installer doesn’t create anything in the Win7 programs path, only in the x86 path (32 bit). It comes right up if I start up 32 bit Cubase but is not in the Devices drop down if I run Cubase 64 bit.

I confirm that Studio Manager doesn’t work in C6 on win7 64 bit, better:

  • multipart only works in stand alone and not in C6
  • voice editor works boths
    Under XP they work fine in C6 32bit
    Hoping for update multipart at 64bit …

So, Does Anyone know if Cubase/Yamaha is going to implement Studio Manager compatibility in future Cubase releases?

It was REALLY cool to be able to open a project and automatically sync the $10,000 mixing board that you bought from Yamaha. It would be a gosh darn shame if it’s just gone away!

Any news would be AWESOME!!! It’s what’s been keeping me from going full on 64 bit for the last year!