Anyone having problems with Kontakt & Komplete Kontrol

I expect I’ll need to go to the NI Forum for this, but wanted to ask here first.

I recently opened a Project I hadn’t touched for a month or so and discovered one Track wasn’t playing. After poking around & making a test Project I’m finding that Komplete Kontrol cannot load the full version of Kontakt (the player will load, but I need the full for the VSTi). However if I try to open Kontakt directly without being wrapped in Komplete Kontrol it opens fine. A few days ago I ran Native Access and let it update everything that was due - so I’m suspicious that’s the cause. Native Access says everything is up to date.

Pretty sure this has nothing to do with Cubase as it also happens if I run the VSTis standalone.

Hi Raino,

I opened a new Cubase 12 project (latest version) with two instrument tracks Kontakt 7 and Komplete Kontrol. Native Access was updated recently. Here is what it gives:

Hope this is helpful.

In your Komplete Kontrol Window is that the Full Kontakt or the Kontakt Player like in the other Window? The Player is loading fine for me.

It’s the full Kontakt 6 version in Komplete Kontrol and the Kontakt 7 Player in the other VST Window. I’m using the last update of Komplete 14 Ultimate, The Native Access version is 3.1.0.