Anyone having trouble with slate vmr?

Bought the virtual mix rack yesterday but it wont load in cubase 8 at all.Always crashes and most of the modules are missing as well.It does work in my old nuendo 4.It causes lots of cpu spikes though.Im building a new computer in a few weeks so not too bothered.Just curious if this is a cubase thing or is it just my old creaking machine?Cheers

I have. And I never had any problems before
Cubase freezes on loading projects and on closing, in random order. Freezes hard and it can’t be uploaded from the memory, only computer restart helps. I have VMR on all channels.
I contacted slate support they gave me some advises which doesnt help of course.
I can’t recall exactly but I guess this issue appeared after Cubase 8.0.10 update. Writing to Steinberg support is almost helpless thing, so I guess all we have to do is wait and hope for good.
Windows 8 x64 Slate VMR

Damn,thats not good.Just out of curiosty,what cpu do u have?I have some old AMD phenom2.It has given me some issues with native instruments reflektor as well.Issues that were never fixed either.Also im wondering is it a ram issue because slate do recommend 8 gigs and I only have 4 in my current rig.Maybe even graphics card related.Hard to know.They sound bloody great though which is even more annoying ha

I have i5-3570K 16gb RAM
This sh*t is so annoying. I’m trying to work now and it freezes so often :frowning: 4 times out of 5 when closing project.
I use VMR in VST2, have you tried VST3 ?
Going to try it now.

I rolled back to 8.0.5
And after a few tests, I see that it has the same problem. So this is not Steinberg fault. It’s Slate issue. Which is not fun at all. Slate Digital are well known for their ability to fix bugs for ages :frowning:((
Write to Slate Support let’s give them some stress (you need to register to successfully send support ticket)

Slate Trigger_2 doesn’t work in 8.10 either.