Anyone here ever tried using ONLY Nuendo plugins?

Has anyone here ever tried doing a project with only the tools provided by Nuendo? Not one single 3rd party anything allowed. Could you do it? Have you done it? If so, were you completely satisfied with the results?

I’m having a 2nd test drive of a Nuage system next week with one of my old sessions and their Nuendo only has stock plugins - I’ll let you know! :slight_smile:

I believe I have. It’s possible I used iZotope Insight, but other than that all native for a couple of shows, at least one season each.

I was satisfied with the results of the plugins. At the time (a few years back) the only thing I felt was lacking was a very high quality reverb and I got Phoenixverb after that, or around that time. The shows didn’t require it so it wasn’t a problem. Anything that I ended up less than 100% happy with had nothing to do with the software / plugin processing.

I used to, apart from my specific dialog compressor.
As reverb I used reverence, these days I have mostly transitioned to Acon Verberate immersive 2.

I use very few third party real time plugins for mixing.

I find that the onboard suite of plugs is very good these days, no problem there. For VIs though, that’s a very different matter & I continue to use a suite of 3rd party instruments including NI, Spectrasonics, Toontracks, MOTU & iZotope as well as Absolute 4.

I only use stock plugins in post apart Speakerphone, Altiverb and RX7 for repair. When I use Reverence as an alternative to Altiverb and don’t have to complain about it.

Oh of course I use RX as well. It is such a mainstay that I forgot about it.

As did i.

Me too.

As lately I had issues with automations of fabfilter (I had to create initial parameters for EQ and didnt know…), I decided to do all my mixes with the channel strip. I have to say: it sounds very good and accurate. Really happy.

These are my 3rd party plugins I’ll still use:

RX 7
Fabfilter Deesser
Altiverb 7
Trackspacer (I reaaaaally love this one)
McDSP Futzbox (as good and cheap alternative to speakerphone)
Soundtoys (Thants a must have as RX)
Waves WLM and UM 225/6 Surround (For upmixing and TASA LeQ M Trailer Metering)

Apart from those, the new Steinberg plugs are great: voicedesigner is a bomb for sound design, doppler sounds mega realistic…

:smiley: These replies are funny. Everybody keeps ignoring this part of the opening thread.

Not one single 3rd party anything allowed.

But this is a generally encouraging theme. :laughing: