Anyone here REALLY use Spector/Mystic/Prologue?

Aloha guys,

Perhaps I am missing the point.
Were they created to sound like stuff that already exists?

Even after all these years, and even tho’ I do understand them and
how they work and can edit/create sounds with them,
I still do not find ‘Spector/Mystic/Prologue’ very useful in the
sense of being original sounding.

Has anyone here been able to create sounds that you cannot get
from other soft synths?


No. In fact I haven’t really found any of them to produce sounds I like all that much. I started by previewing all the presets - most of which I thought were quite awful to be honest. :confused: Perhaps if I spent more time tinkering with the knobs I might be able to eventually dial something that suits but I’m lazy when it comes to that sort of thing. So, instead I’ve tended to just use pads and synths etc from the HalSonic SE library which have generally proven to be adequate for my modest synth needs. :sunglasses:

IMO these synths get a bad rap because of the factory presets (especially Mystic and Spector). For the most part they lack “usable” bread and butter presets (especially Mystic and Spector) which is unfortunately how most people tend to judge the quality of a synth. If you know how to use them you can create some very interesting and usable sounds (basses, leads, pads, arpeggios, etc…). haha I actually kinda consider them my secret weapons since so few people use them. In this day and age when every one and their brother is using the same Sylenth, Nexus, etc… presets its nice to have some unique/exclusive sounds :smiley:

You’re probably right. I guess the issue for me, one who works more with non-electronic instrumentation is that if you’re not inherently a synth-tweaking, synth-lovin-kinda-guy and generally lack the patience, inclination and desire to explore such things then its easy to lose interest in exploring the full potential with these kinda VSTi’s. :confused:

Maybe THAT’s my next challenge! :astonished:

They seem to cause audio spiking problems (snap, crackle & pop) on my rig.

i7 Quad
Separate dedicated SATA drives for apps, samples, projects, back-up
Cubase 5 (Cubase 6 not installed yet)
MOTU 2408mk3

I go through phases of composing synth tunes in the ambient genre, so any and all synths have potential, I often forget that these SB plugs are there, but I have used them off and on. I really like Embracer, it gets more use than the others.

Better presets would be an enhancement… Having the time to actually program sounds is not a luxury I often have, which of course, will make the synth purists scoff. C’mon over guys, knock yerselves out! :sunglasses: :wink:

I use Prologue fairly regularly, it’s a nice synth and easy to use. The others I’ve never taken the time to explore very well. The presets are indeed not very promising, but I’m sure they are useful in their own right.

I get the feeling , from the lack of development, that Steinberg know they’ve never rocked the earth with in-house synths. Very glad they put the time into Amp Rack, GAOne and other things. It isn’t just the uninspiring presets. Once you start playing with the various elements there doesn’t seem to be an intuitive way to get to the sound you want. At least not as intuitive as other synths. I still use Crystal so I’m not against less popular gear. They just don’t turn me on.

Good point, AmpRack and GAone are really good, as are most of the fx plugins imo.

Just my opinion, but I think Steinberg needs to encourage third party development for their VST instruments (or release more expansions themselves). I saw that there are some “Synthesizer packs” for Prologue available. About six months ago, I was considering buying HALion Sonic (or possibly HALion 4) but the reason I decided not to was because I have not seen much activity in terms of expansion packs for them yet. If you look at Kontakt or Reaktor, there is a large selection of stuff available. I REALLY like that HALion Sonic is VST 3 and has Note Expression, etc., but I couldn’t help feeling like there wouldn’t be many new additions to the library any time soon.

I REALLY wish that either the NI stuff was VST3.5 / VST Expression 2.0, etc., OR Steinberg could somehow get the library expansions for the HALion series going like the Komplete package has going for it.


Aloha guys and tanx for the responses.

Guess I’ll just keep trying.