Anyone here using a 'treadmill' workstation?

Aloha guys,

Been read a bit about working surfaces/tables that can move up and down
and some that use a treadmill.

While I can understand why one would use these types of devices in
a typical office work environment for health purposes; when considering
the DAW users need for a ‘sweet spot’, I am wondering if one of these set-ups
would be advantages for folks like us?

Anybody doing it?
Any thoughts?


I go to the gym for the treadmill. I can’t imagine trying to play guitar or keys (even my playing) while walking on a treadmill. Two hand playing coordination gets interrupted by the need for balance and aim while walking. May work for an office.

Lol, I like the idea but I really need all my attention at listening and playing when I’m doing that, I reckon I’d crash into something really quickly trying that :slight_smile:

Might be good for stage practice. :wink:

Connect the treadmill to a generator and power your studio from it, you want it louder… run faster.

I’ve often thought about the concept… and sure I could use some trimming down :blush: … bit the noise of the treadmill (and my screams from falling off it) would probably taint the audio work a little! :laughing:

i love tread mills ,every time my dog interrupts me in a session , i leash her to the treadmill for 15 mins to emulate her going for a walk which means … more studio time for me ! :wink:

To the OP – you’re joking, right? :laughing:

Ya got me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I used to sit on a yoga ball when I mixed to improve my posture.

Nope, I use my gym for workout


I saw ZZ Top a few years back and they had two treadmill/conveyer belt setups in front of both their speaker stacks.
They used those during just one of their tunes with both Billy and Dusty doing their swaggering Texas Strut, whilst playing of course, 'looked great :sunglasses:!
That’s one way of having fun and getting your excersise at the same time.


I used to sit on a vibrating tennis ball when I mixed to improve my mood.