Anyone here using Metagrid Pro with Cubase 12?

I used to use the old metagrid a on Cubase 10. I just bought Metagrid Pro and I’m trying to get it to work with Cubase 12 and I see no way to get it set up since there are not generic remotes anymore. Has anyone gotten it working? I feel like I just wasted my money…


There (still) is Generic Remote in Cubase 12. In the Studio > Studio Setup click the + button to add the device, please.

Yes, you’re right of course. For some reason, my eyes weren’t seeing them any more. Slowly getting this back up. Just imported my old Metagrid template with hundreds of views in to Metagrid Pro and it instantly crashes when I hit a button. Still works in the old Metagrid though!


Do you have the crash/dmp file available, please?

Sorry-Metagrid pro is crashing, not Cubase.

Have you reported it in the Metagrid forums?
Przemek is typically quite responsive and should be able to help.
I never used the old Metagrid, but MGP runs like a champ here.

I posted in the fb group and waiting for approval. Not part of the forum yet. Do the transport controls work for you on the Cubase “selected channel” grid? About half of the buttons work for me but half do nothing.