Anyone here using the CMC Series?

Anyone here using any of the SB CMC units? I was looking at the QC Controller and wondering if I could use it to control plug-ins IN the channel strip. I’d like to get the MC Pro, as the Artist Series doesn’t sound reliable at all. But I can’t justify the expense based on current invoicing. My X-tra Keys is really doing about 80% of what I see most controllers doing with the Macros. But I just can’t get over that tweaking dynamics and send FX hump without some kind of dedicated controller. This QC unit looks like it’ll fit the bill perfectly. But I’d like to hear from some actual users before I get it.

Also, If there are any PC Platform Users working with the Artist’s Control, I’d love to hear from you as well. Is it working for you? Anybody using it with N6 yet? All I’m reading over on the Avid Site and Gearslutz is NOT instilling any confidence in making that purchase as an alternative to the MC Pro. If it’s really going to be that much hassle, I’d rather wait and just take the price hit on the Pro Gear that will work like Pro Gear should!

Meanwhile, for the price, that QC might fill in a very annoying gap in my work flow while I’m waiting on getting a REAL controller. What kind of experiences can you guys offer? Thanks!

You might find some information here:


Thanks for that info. That sufficiently scared me off. I’ll try the Artist Control or swing for the fences and see if I can find a used MC Pro. Wow, I can’t believe SB isn’t supporting it’s own hardware, though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering the fate of Flex & Houston (smh).