Anyone here who has not yet received a copy of C6?

Aloha, guys

Just asking because I figure I’ll be one of the last.
I’m about as far away from Germany as you can get.


Well I am just as close to Germany as you can get and I also STILL do not have it (Czech Republic)

Aloha Johnny and thanks for the post.
At least I now know I am not alone.

Anyone else?

We can’t even order it in Japan yet, even though Yamaha owns Steinberg. On top of that, the Japanese pricing seems expensive for the upgrade compared to other regions :frowning:

(edited since my english was hard to understand)

Aloha, Just arrived.

you bastard :sunglasses:

So I finally could alter my signature today…
Am I THE last one? I wouldn’t be surprised (Prague is located cca 200 km from German borders)

just in from Herr Thomann’s !

Hasn’t turned up here - and I’m in the UK!

But then, I haven’t ordered it yet :sunglasses:

Well I did the day SB announced it… but now I am happy / no, happier than usually :sunglasses:

In the words of Eric Idle, “What a silly bunt” :wink:

Well, in an uncharacteristic moment of madness I went and ordered me an upgrade from C4 thus missing C5, haha…

Ordered on Monday and UPS recons it’ll be here end of Thursday, hope so as I’ll be putting the drum editing stuff through its paces.

I’m almost exited…


Ha… Arrived today :mrgreen:

Aloha S,

Good news! Are you enjoying it yet?


Sort of… :smiley:

Not installed it on my main studio DAW yet, have been playing around with it on me lappy. Had a bit of fun yesterday with the dongle as I downloaded the latest Syncrosoft drivers to the laptop. Everything went well untill I took the dongle back to the studio and plugged it into the studio computer and C4 wouldn’t load… Oops.

Of course the computer side of the Syncrosoft stuff needed updated and I dont have internet out there, so I plugged a mobile web access thing in after setting up a firewall and got the Syncro stuff updated then all was well.

I’m sticking with C4 at the studio for a while as I’ve too many important projects on the go, a couple of albums and some demo work and don’t need the hassle of any down time, like yesterday :laughing:

So far I’m impressed, but I’m just about to get stuck into some serious drum editing, 6 tracks of some old style heavy rock (with widdly widdly lead guitar, great), kind of why I’m trying C6, see if it can save me some work in the long run. It’s all done fairly tight to a click but we’re looking for a really tight kit, bass foundation to build on.
If C6 can do what it claims to do then I’ll be a happy bunny but as with all new software I’m having to figure out a new working strategy. So all I can say for now is that my initial results look promising.

Once I’m through the thicket I may well be pulling the studio apart and reconfiguring everything, thats from a new lick of paint, new acoustic treatment and aesthetics to probably a new computer and stuff so will probably wait untill the refurb is done before using C6 as the main DAW.


Just edited the first drum track and I must say I’m impressed, once I got the hang of it!!!

Amazing time saver and virtually perfect result, this was with a well play track in the first place but edited without my usual frozen shoulder and aching mouse hand, worth the upgrade price just for that :slight_smile: