Anyone in the States know how to buy Sennheiser HD215s on li

… on line in the USA?

Can’t find a link to anyone in the States, not that interested in ordering from overseas … thanks for any help!

[Edit: These are closed-back cans for tracking.]

Amazon has them but they appear to ship from Ireland, France, or the UK. Since Amazon guarantees the purchase I don’t see the issue. Even if you had to return them I bet it would be to Amazon’s return center in Kentucky.

Thanks, surfer. I went to Amazon’s return policy, and those of the various overseas vendors, and I didn’t quite get the warm fuzzy’s I wanted.

I did confirm the Sennheiser HD 215 are not for sale in the US, per headphone store owner. Bought the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros instead. These are for tracking, I have had the DT 880 Pros for mixing for some time and am happy with them. Paul White of SOS says: “I use these myself for tracking, and for second opinion mixing …”. I guess that’s good enough for me!