Anyone know a quick way to connect Quick controls to a bunch of tracks ?

I may be missing something obvious here. I have just spent days building a new template and I’m using it with a new controller how can I get a bunch of tracks and assign quick controls to my own preset without having to individually do each track.

And please don’t tell me to read the manual, it’s just taken me 45 minutes to get logged back in again, I am a registered user have been for twelve years but every time I log out and try and get back in it’a nightmare it’s easier to ring up McDonald’s head office and ask for Ronald and get through to him than this forum.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Toulouse Le Plot
Obviously not my real name I can’t in using that one.

Too late just spent three hours doing it one at a time, but thanks for help anyway. yes i am bieng sarcastic : )

Oh, I didn’t realize it was a timed examination.

Sorry, I’ll try harder in the future to meet your expectations.

I was being ironic