Anyone know a way to get very old cubase plugins to work in new version?

Hey ive got some old cubase 5 plugins i used to use like quadrafuzz, double delay, overdrive… Anyone know a way to get them to work on new cubase versions?

PC or Mac?

Note that Quadrafuzz has been updated and is part of Cubase 11, and the delay and overdrive options amongst the stock Cubase 11 effects are, in my opinion, much better anyway.

PC, i know that there are updated versions of them, but these have certain sound i like for certain things and i have many old projects that use them i cant load

tried, doesnt work


This cannot work. Internal Cubase plug-ins are not common VST/VST3 files, you can wrap in via jBridge.


The only way, I could imagine is to move the plug-in set from the old Cubase to the new one. But if the plug-in set is 32-bit, it won’t work. Even if the plug-in set is 64-bit, it’s risky, because it has never been tested and it could lead to any unpredictable situation, even a crash. Moreover, you would lose your current Cubase plug-ins.

I fully understand – we have been around this loop regarding other plugins such as Embracer too.

The only thing I can suggest is running Cubase 5 (64-bit) as well as it can co-exist with newer Cubase versions, and working in C5 when you want to use the old plugins, then render the audio track to import into a fresh project in the newer version.

In Cubase SX3 they were still seperate DLLs (quadrafuzz.dll, overdrive.dll and doubledelay.dll) but only 32-bit. I don’t have an installation of Cubase 5 anymore, but Cubase 5 itself was available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions – I don’t know about the plugins though.

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Then either they were common VST plug-ins and jBridge should be able to see them. But I don’t think so, because Steinberg didn’t want to offer to use Cubase built-in plug-ins in competitor’s DAWs. Therefore I expect, there is something written in the plug-in, which prevents to make the plug-in visible for any other software but Cubase. In this case, there is no chance.

they are seperate 32 bit dlls, but yeh looks like steinberg written in the code or something that makes them incompatible, and unbridgeable sadly

yep thinking that the only solution is to run two cubase versions which been doing lately, its a bit of a hassle but dont think have a choice, thanks

Here’s a thought (and something I’m looking forward to trying when the new Steinberg licensing system comes to Cubase), it should be possible to network a Cubase 5 or 6 machine (with USB eLicenser) to a Cubase 12 machine (using new licensing) via VST System Link and use Embracer indirectly!

Of course it would take some setting up, and would require a second machine, but hey, I like a challenge!


This settings should work already now (if it works). Or am I missing something?

Ah… You mean two machines, right? Then you need to licenses, of course.

Exactly! The new licensing system means we can run Cubase 12+ on one machine and use VST System Link audio network to a second machine, with the USB eLicenser in the second machine running an older version of Cubase.

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This is the case with Embracer, for example (I’ve tried to use it in Reaper).

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