Anyone know how to open a ''NED'' file please

Hi, I’ve bought two Askvideo cubase courses (regretting it at the moment)
didn’t realise that they force you to download their own video player (which stutters and glitches considerably)
and the video files are a ‘‘NED’’ file which cannot be played on anything i could find, I also want to back these vids up but first would like to be able to open them in either VLC player or whatever…
btw I have spent the last hour googling it and got a load of PUP’s for my troubles…

anyone got any info on this please?

best, Kevin

Can’t answer the direct question, sorry shadowfax, but when I had Cubase Askvideos for an earlier Cubase version, they opened up with Quicktime. Did you give it a try just in case, Quicktime, or some other random “common” players?

Just downloaded and tried QT but it will not open a ned file…back to the drawing board…


Aloha kevin,

I do have the N.E.D. app but it is only for Mac.

If you can get access to a Mac 'puter, let me know and I will
shoot you a copy.

Good Luck!

Hi curteye,thanks for the offer,…so it’s not available for a pc :question:

cheers, Kevin

There’s a NED for Windows forum on the MacProVideo website.

I think though, that NED format is some kind of encrypted variation of a Quicktime movie … basically, it’s DRM.

I downloaded it and it works much better than the ask player, thank you… :slight_smile:

best, Kevin

Unfortunately that has absolutely nothing to do with the tutorial videos from MacProVideo (formerly Ask Video).

Glad you got it sorted.