Anyone know if there is going to be a 7.3 update?

Does anyone know if there is going to be a 7.3 update to Wavelab 7.2?

We recently learned the next version will be Wavelab 8. See here.

Basically we “learned” :unamused: that there won’t be a 7.3. Not that there won’t be a final maintenance release like 7.2.2 for example. Of course PG can always clarify this subject. :mrgreen:

Thanks guys. I just bought v7 and don’t EVEN won’t to shell out more $$ for a new version. But if it still won’t recognise Waves 64-bit plugs by then i might have to get v8. OH BUT WAIT, what if V8 doesn’t recognise Waves plugins??? :neutral_face: …wouldn’t be surprized if it didn’t. Thanks again, i’m off to see if it recognises other “major” plugins - it better after the 500.00 price tag. :open_mouth:

Waves 9 64 bit plugins are recognized properly by WaveLab 7.2.1.

Even on OSX, really?

I personaly only tried on Windows. But I see no reason why there should be a difference on the Mac.

I tried v9 at 32bits OSX.
Doesn’t work for me, I don’t remember the error it gave.
But tomorrow I’ll check and report it here…

Well yeah it “recognizes” them, but when you try to “load” one of them it gives the pop-up window:

"A serious error has occurred inside the plug-in, WaveLab could control it, but it would be best to save your work and restart Wavelab."

So Waves v9 (64-bit) plugins work for you PG on a 64-bit Win7 system?
What sequencer and audio drivers are you using? I’m using Sonar X1 64-bit with a Mackie Blackbird card/drivers.

My system’s like honed to perfection so i don’t understand what the problem is. Two dudes in another thread here say that updating their video drivers made theirs work, which is odd. It could be my Blackbird drivers, i just don’t know.

So Waves v9 (64-bit) plugins work for you PG on a 64-bit Win7 system?

Yes, just tried on an iMac with latest Lion.


Just speculation of course, but …

Might it be that WL8 will co-incide (numerically and temporally) with Windows 8?

Will this mean that, based on past history, W8 will then become the only “supported” (Windows) OS for WL8, and those wishing to update will also be “required” to upgrade to W8?

Plenty of time to think about what should happen.

No, this has nothing to see with Windows 8, which I haven’t even tried yet myself.

After all the negative feedback regarding the “missing” manual, are there plans for better documentation for WL8?

are there plans for better documentation for WL8?

This is really a good question !

Judging by the current negative vibe out there - Windows 8 will most likely be a huge non-starter for a lot of us in audio circles. Especially for any standard apps - like Wavelab.

As soon as I found out the so-called “classic desktop” view isn’t even the real OS kernal (it’s a desktop “app” running under the new WinRT interface) - I knew that Windows 7 will do me just fine for a good long while.


Er, the desktop of Windows has never been anywhere near the kernel. Since Windows 95 it’s been an application called Explorer, that is easier to crash than it should be.


Understood…what I was getting at is the “classic desktop” is very much akin to being in a virtual machine - where the default Metro interface is one layer closer to the kernal.

So - when you wanna go classic in WIndows 8 it’s really:

Kernal->Metro->A “Classic View” app running in “Metro”


Windows 7 where it’s basically Kernal->Explorer

Of course I am simplifying the actual layers but that’s the general drift

But who am I kidding - the loss of the Start button alone will be enough kill this thing before it has a chance. People are gonna be doing a serious “WTF” when they see no Start button. I have tried Win 8 on several occasion and it’s HUGE shift in how we work in Windows. Much too big for an audio guy to be concerned with.

The real kicker is when you really look at what Win 8 is bringing to the table - there is literally nothing that says I need to upgrade. I am viewing it a version skip much like Windows ME and Windows Vista were. MS will get it right with Windows 9.

Windows 7 Pro will be king here for a long long time to come.


Tools for working with concrete - à la Windows XP/7 UI

Tools for working with concrete - à la Windows 8 UI