Anyone know of any issues with Cubase 12 and Big Sur or Monterey?

Had an issue with my Mac crashing recently, and may need to upgrade from Catalina to a new OS. Has anyone heard of people having issues with C12 and these OSs? Also using Kontakt, Omnisphere, etc…

Just my personal experience: upgraded from Mojave to Monterey and, surprisingly, it seems my Mac performance is slightly better. I’ve got not issue with heavy use of Omnisphere nor Kontakt. Both should be supported officially at this point.
Not all plugins are yet supported, but the majority work great, and even some of those not officially supported work great too.

I tested some sessions on my system (Mac Pro 2013) and a couple sessions that were at their limit with C11 (buffer 2048) are better manageable with C12, that much that the playback was smooth instead of dropping out every couple bars (very heavy sessions).

I personally couldn’t be happier of this upgrade.
Surely, C12 has bugs and and things to be improved, but I love it.
Hopefully you’ll have the same luck. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks friend!

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Monterey & Cubase 12 users here. Everything is working fine for me but I don’t use many plugins (mostly Toontrack stuff).

Working great here. 2018 Mac mini/i7, latest Monterey.