Anyone know what will be included in Absolute 3?

Just wondering if Absolute3 will just be A2 + H6 and HS3 or will it include some libraries that are not in A2? Some GA4 libraries would make it very hard for me to resist… :smiley:
I can not find any details about Absolute3.

Steinberg calling it Absolute 3 instead of “2+” hints at the possibility of something else being added, but nothing else has been announced so far.

We could ask, except right now we seem to have lost access to the HALion forum
[EDIT:] fixed now, thanks Guillermo!


Absolute 3 will replace H5 and HS2 with H6 and HS3. There will be no other products added to the collection for now.

Thank you.

HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3 is available in the webshop for downloading but

… umm? Absolute 2 was sold online, wasn’t it? :confused:


it still is? :astonished:
Too many links pointing to too many overlapping pages and someone needs to have the lunch break shortened! :mrgreen:

I have the same problem, I want to upgrade Absolute 2 to Absolute 3 to get Halion 6, but I get the same error, can not be purchased in your country - I am in the UK.

Because I bought Absolute 2, I do not have a licence for Halion 5, only for Absolute 2 which includes Halion 5.

I bought my Absolute 2 on line from Steinberg - so what is Steinberg trying to do here ?

There seems to be a problem with the non-German shop pages. If you switch the language to German it works…

Sorry for the inconvenience. It will be fixed soon.

Thanks for that,

that worked all OK

Problem solved! The Absolute update should now be available (in all languages!)