Anyone making Disco DJ mixes in Cubase 7 ??


I make DIsco DJ mixes in Ableton Live (mixing full tracks from one to the other) but i noticed that the audiowarp quality in Cubase for “warping” full tracks is much better in Cubase imho.

So i am thinkng of making those DJ mixes in Cubase but i have a question about that :

Let’s say i make a DJ mix of disco tracks whichall have rather unsteady BPM’s.
I analyse those tracks first in Mixed In Key, so i get an average BPM detection per disco track.

Then i import those disco tracks in Cubase and in the Pool, i put in the average BPM value’s per track and turn on Musical Mode per track.

So now i have to “warp” each disco track so it’s aligned to Cubase main tempo grid.
I want to have 1 Hitpoint marker per quarter note ( so per beat) per discotrack.
I then want to align a track to Cubase main tempo grid, so all 1/4 hitpoints are quantized to that grid and the whole track becomes warped to main tempo.
How can i accomplish that in the most easy way in Cubase 7 ?

Wow, 40 views and no response.
I guess no one makes dj mixes in Cubase.
Which is a shame :sunglasses: