Anyone Running Asus X99 Deluxe 2 & 6850K?

Hi Guys, Is anyone running Asus X99 Deluxe II & INTEL 6850K on windows 10,

I Just Built a new Studio PC and It would be helpful If I could cross reference my performance with some folks.

i.e How powerful the system is

What type of work you do?
Boot times
Buffer Settings?
Real time Performance ?
Over Clocking?
XMP profile

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi i have a ultra stable config.
Dont buy cheap Power supplies & Cpu Cooler, this makes a huge difference in stable overclocking!

Cpu: 6800K 4.0Ghz
Noctua NH-D15
Super Flower Leadex Gold schwarz 1000W ATX 2.3

XMP DDR4 2666
CPU STRAP : 100Mhz
Sync All Cores
Min.CPU Cache Ratio :32
Max.CPU Cache Ratio :32
CPU Load-Line Calibration: Level 6
CPU Core Voltage: 1.300
Cpu Cache Voltage: 1.250000
Cpu Input Voltage: 1.800
Dram Voltage: 1,3000


My performance varies , My Boot times are all over the place much different than my
very repeatable Asus P8Z77 Deluxe & Intel 3770 on Win 7 which was fast.

Overall I notice more power in Cubase, I Gotten it down to a 128 & 64 buffer setting with pops and clicks here and there.
It seems like it can be stable there but something causes the Real-Time Peak to jump at times.

I Did the asus auto OC Tuning and noticed the performance boast right away! however after a few days the system hung and the settings went back to the defaults.

Did you use AI suite 3 at all?

For PSU I’m using a Corsair AX 860 and boot drive is a corsair MP500 nvme 240GB

No i dont use AI suite ,always manual OC
I have the Samsung 950 Pro M.2 its fast as hell.
Try this

C1E: disabled
CPU Thermal Monitor: disabled
Virtualization: disabled
Enhanced intel SpeedStep Technology: disabled

Turbo Mode: enabled

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it.

What is C1E?
The rest I know.

Also I’m taking it you have disabled Turbo boast?

C1E (Enhanced Halt State) = Cpu Power saving mode ,not good for OC
Turbo enable ,you cant OC without…


I can’t seem to find the C1E settings in the bios. I not sure the deluxe II has that setting. Do you know where it is located the bios?
good luck

Got it. Thanks

Hi Wepsta,

I noticed you have a new x299 build, if you don’t mind… How does it compare to your last x99 build…what type of tasks do you do Mixing or Production?

Thanks so Much… I can’t seem to find anyone to answer these types of questions.