Anyone see either AM vol. 1 or Elekdrums in Groove agent SE


I’ve search this question and the forum seems to think that these (Allen Morgan Vol. 1 and Elek drums) are not available to use in Groove Agent SE. But I have had Steinberg support confirm that these should be seenin GA se, and although I have checked and confirmed that the vstsounds files are in the correct location I can’t get these to show up in GA se?

Can anyone see these kits in Groove Agent SE…?


Hi Frank77,

both Allen Morgan Vol. 1 and Elek Drums require an extra license to work in Cubase 7.5. You can purchase those licenses in our Onine-Shop: Expansions for Steinberg VST Instruments | Steinberg


Yes, I know this. I have already purchased these items with a license…but these do not show in GA se.


Hi Frank,

sorry I missed that. I could find in your registered USB-eLicenser a license for Elek Drums but not for AM Vol. 1. I wasn’t able to find your order either. Would you please send me the order number per PM?

Anyway, when loading a preset in GASE click on the “Setup Window layout” button (lower left corner) and enable Filters and Location tree. In the location tree you will find a “Groove Agent SE” entry with two sub-folders, one called Groove Agent One. If you click on the + symbol next to it, you will be shown even more sub-folders, with Elek Drums and AM Vol.1 among them (as long as their licenses are active and the Instrument Sets are correctly installed).


Thank you for just trying to help.

I purchase Elek drums (it’s registered in my elicenser) in May 12. I think Allen Morgan Vol. 1 came with an Cubase upgrade or something…

I think my key issue is not seeing the original Groove Agent One directory in the tree as you outlined. I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled both Groove agents and soundsets but still all I see in Groove Agent SE is only GASE presets. How can I get Groove Agent original to show up in GAse. The Elekdrums & AM vol. 1 drums sound sets show up in GA original…

Thanks again