Anyone succesfully using a PCI express dual dvi-i video card

Anyone? Maybe I have to replace my FireGL dual head graphics card to get video working. I works in Premier, QT, Vegas, etc but Cubase 6.5 wants to be different. I’m about out of patience and when I spoke with Steinberg tech support on the phone they just gave up.

I run one. What’s the problem?

I think I have to replace my pair of ATI FireGL V3350 cards. I’m wondering what others are using, successfully, since the list of approved cards is out of date (and appears to no longer be accessible outside of older forum posts). My issue is complicated by the need to also be compatible with Adobe CS6 Master Suite. My current cards work with Adobe CS6 but not with Cubase (I’ve tried for over a year to figure out why video plays fine in QT but won’t play in Cubase 6.x).

Is there a user compiled compatibility list anywhere? I know I could go through everyone’s profiles and look at their gear list but I’m not sure that’s the best way to go about it.

Thanks for the reply, nonetheless.

I am not so sure there is a lot of incompatability with any video card - if the drivers are up to date. I use AMD Radion Saffire and all my drivers are up to date. Are yours? You say ‘cards’ as in plural, you must be running crossfire or somesuch, but I just run an HD6570. No problems here with dual monitors.

Go to the card manufacturers site and upload the latest drivers if you haven’t.

Also, looking at your card description, it seems that you are a bit dated. Maybe not. Anyway, just be advised that you don’t actually need a card with dual DVI-i inputs on it, just a card with one DVI-i, one HDMI, and an S-port - that is if, you are looking for dual DVI-i connection? Just get one adptor or one adaptor cable that goes from HDMI to DVI-i and everything will be fine. Well, you may already know this.