Anyone successfully using Altiverb 7 in D3?

I have Altiverb 7 whitelisted and it is working in Dorico 2.2.2, however it is not showing up in Dorico 3. Has anyone else got Altiverb 7 showing up in the FX inserts in the Mixer?

Many Thanks.

Are you on Mac or Win? We have a known issue on Mac with UVIWorkstation and East West Play. Those plug-ins don’t pass our vstscanner in D3 and get blacklisted. Maybe the same thing happens to Altiverb.
Please choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That creates a zip file on your desktop, please attach it here.

Altiverb uses iLok, so it seems almost certain that it will be the same issue (Ulf knows this, but for you, Grainger2001: Altiverb uses Pace Anti-Piracy protection, and that messes with the code signature in the plug-in, which prevents it from loading in Dorico 3).

Okay, thank you. I am on a Mac…
I expect it will get resolved at some point…
I have attached the Dorico Diagnostic Report incase that helps.

Thanks again, Best wishes, Andy
Dorico (1.61 MB)